December 11, 1842, Plymouth, England.

April 24, 1924, Bideford, North Devon, England.

Blatchford studied for the Unitarian ministry at Manchester New College in London. He also received his BA degree from London University. In 1866, he became junior colleague to William James, minister of Lewin’s Mead Meeting, Bristol, and upon James’ death, became sole pastor there. Blatchford’s hymns were written for the Sunday school anniversary services at Lewin’s Mead Meeting, and were adapted to existing tunes.

  1. Awake to the Duty, Prepare for the Strife
  2. Forward, Children, Forward
  3. Gladsome Hymn of Praise We Sing, A
  4. Night Clouds Around Us Silently Are Stealing
  5. O Lord of Life, for All Thy Care
  6. O’er the Wide and Restless Ocean
  7. Once More the Shadows Fall
  8. Peacefully Round Us the Shadows Are Falling
  9. Softly the Silent Night