December 15, 1867, Beloit, Wisconsin.

January, 1957, Claremont, California.

Oak Park Cemetery, Claremont, California.


Blaisdell attended Beloit College (bachelor’s degree, 1889) and the Hartford, Connecticut, Theological Seminary (DD 1892). Ordained a Congregational minister, he pastored in Waukesha, Wisconsin (1892–96) and Olivet, Michigan (1896–1903), then served as Professor of Biblical Literature and Ancient Oriental History at Beloit College, librarian, and pastor at the Second Congregational Church in Beloit, Wisconsin (1903–10). He was also vice president of the Ultra-Violet Products Company, South Pasadena, California; president of the Inter-American Foundation; president of Pomona College, California (1910–26); and president of Claremont College, California (1926–56). In 1962, a park was named after him in Claremont, California.

  1. Beneath the Forms of Outward Rite
  2. Christians, Lo, the Star Appeareth
  3. Tonight, My Soul, Be Still and Sleep