May 27, 1822, St. Mar­y­le­bone, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land.

June 11, 1888, West­min­ster, Eng­land.

Maxwell was the son of Val­en­tine Black­er of Mar­y­le­bone.

He attended Mer­ton College, Ox­ford, and became an Ang­li­can priest in 1848. He served as curate in several locations, including St. Bar­na­bas, Pim­li­co.

  1. Anna, Mother Fairest
  2. Ave! Star of Ocean
  3. Christ, the Fair Beauty of the Holy Angels
  4. Hail Thee! Festival Day
  5. Joyous Be Our Jubilation
  6. Only Begotten, Word of God Eternal
  7. Ruler of Ages, Christ, Vouch­safe to Bow Thine Ear
  8. Savior Eternal! Health and Life of the World Unfailing
  9. Sing We Ave, Word Endearing
  10. Syon’s Daughters! Saints of Je­ru­sa­lem
  11. Unto Jesus Hasten Ye
  12. With Anna’s Joy at Mary’s Birth