December 15, 1867, Beloit, Wisconsin.

January, 1957, Claremont, California.

Oak Park Cemetery, Claremont, California.


Blaisdell attended Beloit College (bachelor’s degree, 1889) and the Hartford, Connecticut, Theological Seminary (DD 1892). Ordained a Congregational minister, he pastored in Waukesha, Wisconsin (1892-96) and Olivet, Michigan (1896-1903), then served as Professor of Biblical Literature and Ancient Oriental History at Beloit College, librarian, and pastor at the Second Congregational Church in Beloit, Wisconsin (1903-10). He was also vice president of the Ultra-Violet Products Company, South Pasadena, California; president of the Inter-American Foundation; president of Pomona College, California (1910-26); and president of Claremont College, California (1926-56). In 1962, a park was named after him in Claremont, California.

  1. Beneath the Forms of Outward Rite
  2. Christians, Lo, the Star Appeareth
  3. Tonight, My Soul, Be Still and Sleep