November 18, 1786, London, England.

April 30, 1856, London, England.

St. Marylebone Cemetery (now known as the East Finchley Cemetery), London, England.


One of the original members of the Phil­har­mon­ic Society (founded in 1813), Bi­shop was known as a concert pianist, and for composing operatic pieces and operettas.

He received a BMus degree from Ox­ford in 1839, and in November 1841 was elected to a musical professorship in Ed­in­burgh, Scot­land. He was knighted in 1842, and in 1848 took over the musical chair at Ox­ford. He received a doctorate of music from Ox­ford in 1853.

  1. ’Mid Scenes of Confusion
  2. Spanish Chant