Bilhorn Organ Ad, 1895

July 22, 1865, Mendota, Il­li­nois.

December 13, 1936, Los Angeles, California.

Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California.


Bilhorn’s family name was originally Pul­horn; it was changed by a judge in Ot­ta­wa, Il­li­nois, named Abra­ham Lin­coln.

Peter and his brother formed the Eu­re­ka Wagon and Carriage Works in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois. Later, Peter became involved in Gos­pel music, studying under George Root, George Steb­bins, and others.

He wrote some 2,000 Gospel songs in his lifetime, and for a while, worked with evangelist Bil­ly Sun­day. He also invented a folding pump organ used at revivals in the late 19th Century, and founded the Bil­horn Folding Or­gan Com­pa­ny in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.

A high point in Bil­horn’s career came in 1900, when he traveled to Lon­don. There he conducted a 4,000 voice choir in the Crys­tal Palace, and Queen Vic­tor­ia invited him to sing in Buck­ing­ham Palace.

Bilhorn’s works include:

  1. Almost I Trusted in Jesus
  2. Are You Building on the Rock?
  3. Are You Heavy Laden?
  4. Are You in the Royal Army?
  5. Are You Ready for the Bridegroom?
  6. Are You Waiting, Are You Ready?
  7. Are Your Feet on the Rock, Christ Jesus?
  8. Art Thou Weak, Afflicted Soul?
  9. At the Door the Savior’s Knocking
  10. Be Not Weary in Well Doing
  11. Beautiful Beams of Sunshine
  12. Beggar Blind Sat by the Way, A
  13. Beggar Blind, the Truth I Learned, A
  14. Behold the Armies of the King
  15. Behold, the Lord Is Coming
  16. Best Friend to Have Is Jesus, The
  17. Blessed Assurance Jesus Hath Said
  18. Blessed Be the God and Father of Our Savior
  19. Blessed Jesus, Thou Art Mine
  20. But as Many as Received Him
  21. By the Cross of Christ, Our Savior
  22. Carry Me Back to My Mother’s True Love
  23. Christ Is Coming
  24. Christ, Our Rock!
  25. Clouds of Doubt Have Flown Away, The
  26. Come, Is the Call of the Father
  27. Come, Lord Jesus, O Come Quickly
  28. Come, Lord Jesus, Our Guest to Be
  29. Come Near to the Bedside of Mother, My Boy
  30. Come Sinners, Come to Jesus Now
  31. Come to the Savior, While He Is Calling
  32. Come, Ye Children, March Along
  33. Dark and Thorny Is the Desert
  34. Days Are Quickly Passing, The
  35. Do Not Mind What Others Say
  36. Down by the River on Redemption Ground
  37. Drifting Away from Christ in Thy Youth
  38. Eternal Holy Ghost of Love
  39. Far Beyond the Shining Gate
  40. Far from God, to Christ a Stranger
  41. Far Out upon the Byways
  42. Father and Mother Praying
  43. Field Is Great, the Grain Is White, The
  44. For God So Loved the World
  45. Gather Up the Rays of Sunshine
  46. Glory Be to the Father!
  47. Glory to Jesus Who Died on the Tree
  48. Good News
  49. Happy in Jesus, O Wonderful Grace
  50. Hark, the Angels’ Voices Sing
  51. Hast Thou Heard of God Who in Wondrous Love
  52. Hast Thou Not Known, Hast Thou Not Heard?
  53. Have You Been Down at the Fountain?
  54. Have You Burdens Hard to Bear?
  55. Have You Told Jesus the Burdens You Bear?
  56. He Is Calling Thee, My Brother
  57. He Is Coming Again
  58. He Is Coming, He Is Coming
  59. He That Winneth Souls Is Wise
  60. He Will Bring Me Home
  61. Hear the Crying in the Land
  62. He’s a Friend That Sticketh Closer
  63. He’s Able to Keep You from Falling
  64. His Love Is Ever Abiding
  65. Ho, Ye Ransomed, Come and Sing
  66. How Wonderful to Know the Power
  67. I Am Happy on My Way
  68. I Am Singing Today of the Cross and the Blood
  69. I Am Traveling on the Way to Glory
  70. I Am Waiting for the Morning
  71. I Came to Jesus in My Sin
  72. I Can Never Tell How Much He Is to Me
  73. I Can Sing the Wondrous Story
  74. I Can Tell You When, I Can Tell You Where
  75. I Come to Thee, Dear Savior
  76. I Do Believe with All My Soul
  77. I Found It, I Found It
  78. I Found Sweet Peace in Christ My Lord
  79. I Had So Many Sins, and He Took Them All Away
  80. I Have Heard of a Land Where Bright Angels Dwell
  81. I Have Jesus in My Heart, and I’m Satisfied
  82. I Know Not Where the Way May Lead Me
  83. I Love to Sing of Jesus
  84. I Once Was a Rebel, but Now I Am Free
  85. I Shall Wear a Crown
  86. I Sing of His Love Abiding
  87. I Stood All Alone by the Wayside
  88. I Walked in the Woodland Meadows
  89. I Wandered in Darkness and Knew Not the Light
  90. I Was a Ruined Sinner
  91. I Was Lying at the Pool of Bethesda
  92. I Was Straying Afar from the Sheltering Fold
  93. I Was Weary, Lost and Straying
  94. I Will Be There with Jesus
  95. I Will Cast in the Depths of the Fathomless Sea
  96. I Will Follow Thee, My Savior
  97. I Will Meet You There in the Morning Fair
  98. I Will Praise My Dear Redeemer
  99. I Will Sing the Praises of My Lord and Savior
  100. I Will Walk the Streets of Glory By and By
  101. If o’er Your Way Dark Clouds Arise
  102. If We Always Go to Jesus When the Billows Roll
  103. If You Would Know the Peace of God
  104. If Your Heart Is Right
  105. If Your Heart Is Sad
  106. I’m Happy in the Love of Je­sus
  107. I’m Homeward Bound
  108. I’m on My Way to Zion’s Hill
  109. I’m Satisfied with Jesus
  110. In My Heart a Song Is Swelling Like a Mighty Sea
  111. In My Heart Lives a Song That I Sing All Day Long
  112. In My Memory There Linger Thoughts of Mother
  113. In the Beginning of Our Redemption
  114. In the Land of Strangers
  115. In the Land of Wondrous Beauty
  116. In the Sweet Days of My Childhood
  117. Jesus Redeems Me from Every Sin
  118. Jesus Saves Me Today
  119. Jesus Stands Ready to Pardon
  120. Kiss Me, Mother, Kiss Me Gently
  121. Lead Me Till I Reach That City
  122. Let Me Ever, Lord, Love and Keep Thy Word
  123. Let Us Give Praise unto Our King
  124. Life Everlasting He Offers to Thee
  125. Life Everlasting Is Offered to All
  126. Lift Up Your Voices, O Lord Let Them Ring
  127. Lift Your Eyes and Look on Jesus
  128. Like the Love of God, the Father
  129. Listen, Brother, While We Sing of the Savior
  130. Living Water O How Sweet
  131. Living Water Pure and Free
  132. Lonely Loving Mother Waits, A
  133. Long Ago the Savior Sought Us
  134. Look Where You Step, Young Man of Today
  135. Lord, According to Thy Loving Kindness
  136. Lord Has Washed Away My Sin, The
  137. Lord, Save Me
  138. Lord, This Is What We Need
  139. Lord’s My Light and Liberty, The
  140. Lord’s Our Rock, in Him We Hide, The
  141. Love Surpassing Human Love
  142. Man Whose Transgressions Are Pardoned, The
  143. Master Is Come and Calleth for Thee, The
  144. Master Is Coming, He’s Coming Again, The
  145. Messiah’s Call Rings Out to One and All
  146. Mine the Crown and Kingdom Is
  147. More and More I Long for Jesus
  148. My Boy, You Are Nearing Life’s Manhood
  149. My Heart Was Not Right in My Dear Savior’s Sight
  150. My Savior Controlleth My Every Way
  151. My Soul Is Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb
  152. Nobly Our Flag Is Waving
  153. Not Tonight
  154. Nothing for Jesus No Place in Your Heart
  155. O Brother, Which Side of the Lord Will You Stand?
  156. O, Don’t You Want to Work for Jesus?
  157. O Hear the Sweet Bells Ringing
  158. O House of Many Mansions
  159. O Sing the Glad News of Jesus
  160. O Tell Me the Story of Jesus
  161. O Trust the Savior, Let Come What May
  162. O What Are You Doing for Jesus?
  163. O Who Is This Forgiveth Sin?
  164. O Why Do You Carry Your Burden Alone?
  165. O Ye Who Have Heard the Gospel
  166. Oh! My Brother, Art Thou Drifting?
  167. Oh, What a Savior, He’s Pleading for You
  168. Oh, What Will You Do in the Solemn Day?
  169. Oh, Ye Who Are Bound by the Fetters
  170. On Calvary He Took the Sinner’s Place
  171. One Night as I Lay Dreaming
  172. Out upon the Mountain Straying
  173. Over the Noise of Battle
  174. Over the River, Not Far Away
  175. Peace, Be Still!
  176. Pilgrims of Earth, as Ye Sow Ye Shall Reap
  177. Praise to the Father, Blest
  178. Precious Mother, I Am Going
  179. Prepare to Meet Thy God
  180. Remember from Whence Thou Art Fallen
  181. Rouse, Ye Christians
  182. Salvation! O Sing the Glad Story
  183. Saved by Grace Through Faith Alone
  184. Savior Hath Said That No Tears Shall Be Shed, The
  185. Savior in Love Is Calling, The
  186. Savior Is My All in All, The
  187. Savior Shed His Precious Blood on Calvary, The
  188. Savior Stands Waiting and Knocks at Thy Door, The
  189. Say, Is Your Lamp Burning, My Brother?
  190. Savior Now Is Standing Outside, The
  191. Savior’s Hand Is Knocking, The
  192. Seeking for Jesus in Bethlehem
  193. She Would Wipe Away My Teardrops
  194. Should the Master Call Me Home Today
  195. Since I Have Found My Jesus Dear
  196. Sing, O My Soul, Repeat the Olden Story
  197. Smile, Smile When You’re Feeling Blue
  198. So Near to the Kingdom, Yet What Dost Thou Lack?
  199. Some Day When My Toiling and Trials Are O’er
  200. Somebody Cares
  201. Son of God Hath Power on Earth, The
  202. Sweet Peace, the Gift of God’s Love
  203. Sweet, Sweet Old Story, Oft Has Been Told
  204. Take Me, Make Me
  205. There Are Opportunities in Each Busy Day
  206. There Are Sheep Astray from the Master’s Fold
  207. There Came to My Heart a Sweet Message of Love
  208. There Is a Full Salvation, and That Is What We Need
  209. There Is a Secret Tried and True
  210. There Is Love, True Love, in the Heav’nly Home
  211. There Is Sunshine in the Valley
  212. There Is Work That We Can Do
  213. There Was an Old Decanter
  214. There Was No Hope Within My Heart
  215. There’ll Be No Dark River for Me to Cross
  216. There’s a Church in the Valley by the Wildwood
  217. There’s a Home Beyond This Vale
  218. There’s a Joy for Every Sorrow
  219. There’s a Land Where Sorrow and Sin Are Never Known
  220. There’s a Precious Promise in His Holy Word
  221. There’s a Promise Recorded in God’s Holy Word
  222. There’s No Hope Beyond the Grave
  223. There’s No One to Go to but Jesus
  224. There’s Power in the Blood
  225. There’s Someone Who Knows When the Waves Roll High
  226. This Is the Golden Seed Time
  227. Thou Art Drifting Down Life’s River
  228. Though the Way Seems Dark Before You
  229. Though We Are Little and Do Not Mean Much
  230. Thy Sins I Bore on Calvary’s Tree
  231. ’Tis Sweet to Kneel in Humble Prayer
  232. Traveler Weary on Life’s Rugged Way
  233. ’Twas for Me the Christ of God
  234. ’Twas in the Days of Careless Youth
  235. ’Twas Jesus, My Savior
  236. Voice of Him That Crieth in the Wilderness, The
  237. We Are Coming to Thee for Help, O Lord
  238. We Are Little Children, Servants of the Lord
  239. We Are Little Sunbeams Shining Bright
  240. We Are Marching Along with Our Banner
  241. We Know Not How Soon His Return Will Be
  242. We’re a Happy Christian Band, Marching
  243. What a Compassionate Savior Is He
  244. What Are You Doing for Jesus?
  245. What Can Wash Away My Guilty Stain
  246. What Will You Now Do with Jesus?
  247. When Days Are Dull and Dreary
  248. When I Awake in the Morning Light
  249. When I Hear the Grand Old Story, Often Told
  250. When I Recall the Love That Jesus Had for Me
  251. When I Was Drifting Out upon the Sea
  252. When My Savior I Shall See
  253. When My Soul Is Sore Distressed
  254. When the Power Fell on Me
  255. When We Came to the Lord
  256. When You Are Weary and Burdened with Care
  257. When You See a Fellow Hedging
  258. Wheresoever We May Go in This World of Sin and Woe
  259. While the Shepherds Watched Their Flock of Sheep
  260. While the Years Are Rolling By
  261. Who Is Tenderly Calling You Home?
  262. Why Do I Hesitate?
  263. Why Not Help Somebody Along
  264. Will You Meet Me in the Homeland?
  265. Wondrous Gift, of God to Earth
  266. Ye Shall Be Baptized with the Holy Ghost
  267. You Have Heard the Gospel Message?
  1. Almost
  2. Ascot
  3. Chiapas
  4. Coming Home Tonight
  5. Could I Tell It
  6. Davos
  7. Do Not Pass Me By
  8. Drifting Away from God
  9. Gütersloh
  10. Having Done All, to Stand
  11. Hayward
  12. Hazelwood
  13. Heathrow
  14. I Shall Be Glad when Jesus Comes
  15. I Will Sing the Wondrous Story
  16. Jesus, Thou My Only Refuge
  17. Living Where the Healing Waters Flow
  18. My Name in Mother’s Prayer
  19. O Tell Me More of Christ
  20. Only a Touch!
  21. Plumas
  22. Room in Heaven for Thee
  23. Sweet Peace, the Gift of God’s Love
  24. Sword of the Lord and of Gideon, The
  25. There Is Cleansing in the Blood
  26. We Walk by Faith
  27. Weep No More
  28. What Wilt Thou Have Me To Do?
  29. You Will Outshine the Sun