April 18, 1794, Southampton, England.

September 24, 1872, Islington, London, England.

Son of John Bilby, Thomas joined the army In 1809, remaining eight years. Subsequently he studied the Infant School System under Buchanan, whose school at Brewer’s Green, Westminster, is said to have been the first Infants’ School in England. In 1825, he took charge of a Training School at Chelsea, where some 500 teachers learned his system. In 1832 he moved to the West Indies, where he introduced his teaching system. On return to England, he became parish clerk of St. Mary’s, Islington. He was one of the founders of the Home and Colonial Infant School Society. Jointly with Mr. R. B. Ridgway, he published The Nursery Book, The Infant Teacher’s Assistant, 1831–32 (where his hymns appeared), and the Book of Quadrupeds, 1838.

  1. Here We Suffer Grief and Pain