September 12, 1840, Higher Broughton (near Manchester), England.

July 13, 1908, Christ Church, Oxford, England.

Osney Cemetery, Oxford, England.

Charles was the son of Tho­mas Bigg.

He was educated at the Man­ches­ter Grammar School and at Cor­pus Chris­ti College, Ox­ford (Scholar 1859, BA 1862). He became a Senior Student of Christ Church in 1862, tutor in 1863, MA 1864, DD 1876.

He was Bamp­ton Lecturer in 1886, and wrote various theological works. He returned to Christ Church in 1901 as professor of Ec­cle­si­as­ti­cal History.

His works include:

  1. Creator of the Earth and Sky
  2. High Word of God

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