November 13, 1873, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

March 31, 1951, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

North Cedar Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bieri was the son of John G. Bieri and Wilhelmina G. Bieri, and husband of Jeanette Betson and (after Jeanette’s death) Alice Dalrymple. He was educated at Pennington Seminary (1898), Dickinson College (1901) and Drew Theological Seminary. He joined the Philadelphia of the Methodist Church in 1902, and served as an evangelist, and as pastor at numerous churches. He is often remembered for his use of magic tricks to illustrate sermon topics. He said have written about a hundred hymns. His works include:

  1. Jesus, Teach Me How to Pray
  2. O Why, O Why in Dark Gethsemane
  3. Paul and Silas Chained in Prison
  4. Upper Window, The
  5. When Shadows Fall upon My Way
  6. When the Hebrews Fled from Pharaoh

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