October 27, 1842, Herne Hill, Surrey, England.

July 17, 1918, Casa Fontanalba, Alba, Italy.

Tende, France.


Bicknell was educated at Trinity College, Cam­bridge (BA 1865, MA 1873).

He became an Ang­li­can deacon in 1866, and priest in 1868, serving curacies at St. Paul’s, New­ing­ton, Sur­rey (1866–72), and Stoke on Tern, Shrop­shire (1875–81).

A lifelong bachelor, he is remembered as an amateur archaeologist and botanist. He traveled outside Eng­land often, and for many years wintered in Bor­di­ghe­ra, It­a­ly, where he founded the Bick­nell Museum in his home, the Vil­la R­osa. His works include:

  1. Come Faithful People