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Jan­u­a­ry 25, 1825, Is­ling­ton, Eng­land.

May 16, 1906, Pad­ding­ton, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Wat­ton at Stone, Hert­ford­shire, Eng­land.


An hon­or grad­u­ate of Trin­i­ty Col­lege, Cam­bridge, Bick­er­steth served as Vi­car of Christ Church, Hamp­stead; Dean of Glou­ces­ter; and Bi­shop of Ex­e­ter (1885–1900).

He ed­it­ed three hym­nals, and wrote at least 30 hymns of his own. His works in­clude:

  1. Almighty Fa­ther, Hear Our Cry
  2. Come Ye Your­selves Apart
  3. Father of Hea­ven Above
  4. For My Sake, and the Gos­pel’s
  5. Hush! Bless­èd Are the Dead
  6. Lead, Kind­ly Light
  7. My God, My Fa­ther, Dost Thou Call
  8. Nearer, My God, to Thee
  9. Not Wor­thy, Lord, to Ga­ther Up the Crumbs
  10. O Bro­thers, Lift Your Voic­es
  11. O Christ, Who Hast As­cend­ed
  12. O God, the Rock of Ag­es
  13. O Ho­ly Fa­ther, Who in Ten­der Love
  14. O Jesus, Savi­or of the Lost
  15. Peace, Per­fect Peace
  16. Rest in the Lord
  17. Savior, Breathe an Ev­en­ing Bless­ing
  18. Stand, Sol­dier of the Cross
  19. Thine, Thine For­ev­er
  20. Till He Come
  1. O God, I Love Thee