A Scottish Presbyterian, Beveridge was a publisher, composer and singer. Some called him the Sankey of Scotland. His works include:

  1. Blessed Redeemer
  2. Homeward Bound
  3. Jesus, Who Once for Us Didst Bleed
  4. Lo the Savior Now Ascendeth
  5. Out of Christ, Without a Savior
  6. Traveling on the Sea of Life
  7. Weary of Sin, Heavy Laden Soul
  8. When My Steps Are Slow and Weary
  9. When Sore Afflictions Crush the Soul
  1. Darkest Midnight Is Around Us
  2. He Was Made Sin
  3. I Could Not Do Without Him!
  4. In the Land Beyond the Shadows
  5. Late, Late, Too Late!
  6. I Am Standing Outside Thy Door Tonight
  7. I Cannot Sing My Old Songs
  8. I Love to Think of Christ
  9. I Walked thro’ the Woodland Meadows
  10. In the Hour of Trial
  11. In the Land Beyond the Storm Clouds
  12. Not One Step More
  13. O’er the Heaving Ocean
  14. O What Wilt Thou Do When Thy Feet Are Slipping?
  15. Oh, Wondrous Love That Every One May Know
  16. Perfect Righteousness of God
  17. Redeemer’s Song
  18. Stroke of God for My Sins Fell, The
  19. Sweet Peace to Calm the Soul, A
  20. Traveling on the Sea of Life
  21. ’Twas in the morning’s early dawn
  22. We Sing of a Precious Old Story
  23. What I Want More
  24. When My Steps Are Slow and Seary
  25. Williamwood