September 25, 1827, Oxford, England.

February 13, 1909, Cannes, France.

Trent Park, Cockfosters, London, England.

Bevan was the daughter of Philip Shuttleworth, warden of New College at Oxford, and later bishop of Chichester, England. In 1856, she married Robert Cooper Lee Bevan, of the Lombard Street banking firm that later became Barclays Bank Limited. She published several books translating German hymns into English. Her works include:

  1. Bride, The
  1. Allured into the Desert
  2. Am I Not Enough, Mine Own?
  3. Art Thou Weary, Sad, and Lonely?
  4. As the Bridegroom to His Chosen
  5. As the Lily of the Valley
  6. As the Song of Him Who Singeth
  7. At the Lord’s Right Hand There Are Pleasures
  8. Bread That Camest Down from Heaven
  9. Child of the Eternal Father
  10. Christ Receiveth Sinful Men
  11. Come, Children, On and Forward!
  12. Draw Me to Thee
  13. Evening Comes, The
  14. For Him the Wilderness Did Not Sing
  15. From the Brightness of the Glory
  16. From the Glory and the Gladness
  17. From the Palace of His Glory
  18. From the Rock That God Has Riven
  19. Glorious and Solemn Hour
  20. Glorious River of God’s Pleasures
  21. God in Heaven Hath a Treasure
  22. God Is Present with Us
  23. The Hart Panteth after the Waters
  24. Hath Not Each Heart a Passion and a Dream?
  25. He Found Me the Lost and the Wandering
  26. Here on Earth a Temple Stands
  27. His Priest Am I
  28. Homeless Stranger Amongst Us Came, A
  29. How Good It Is, When Weaned from All Beside
  30. I Am Not O Words Unwelcome
  31. I Go on My Way Rejoicing
  32. I Was Journeying in the Noontide
  33. I Would Bear in My Body the Dying
  34. In Him We Live
  35. In the Depths of His Bright Glory
  36. In the Distant Land of Famine
  37. In the Great and Terrible Wilderness
  38. In the Paradise of Glory
  39. In the World Ye Shall Have Tribulation
  40. It Ends—The Vigil of High Festival
  41. It Was on a Winter’s Morning
  42. Jesus, the One Unchanging
  43. Land! The Glory of All Lands, The
  44. Let Him Lead Thee Blindfold Onwards
  45. Little While! How Nearly Gone, The
  46. Man, Earthy of the Earth
  47. My Beloved, from Earth’s Many Voices
  48. Name of Jesus! Highest Name!
  49. No More Veil! God Bids Me Enter
  50. No Other Voice Than Thine
  51. Now Have I Seen Thee and Found Thee
  52. O Father! Not My Will, but Thine Be Done!
  53. O God, a World of Empty Show
  54. O God, Through Christ the Living Way
  55. O Lord, in My Songs I Have Praised Thee
  56. O Lord, the Most Fair, the Most Tender
  57. O Past and Gone!
  58. O Path Which No Eagle Knoweth
  59. O That Thy Name May Be Sounded
  60. O Name, the Psalm and the Music
  61. Oft Comes to Me a Blessed Hour
  62. Oh When Shall the Fair Day Break
  63. On, O Beloved Children
  64. One with Christ—Within the Golden City
  65. Peace! O Restless Heart of Mine
  66. Race of God’s Anointed Priests, The
  67. Rise, Ye Children of Salvation
  68. Soul, Journeying Through the Desert Wild
  69. Still, O Soul! The Sign and Wonder
  70. Stillness Midst the Ever Changing
  71. Sweet Shades and Fields That Glow with Summer Flowers
  72. Sweet to Trace His Toiling Footsteps
  73. Take Me, Jesus, to Thy Breast
  74. There Is a Balm for Every Pain
  75. There It Is Fair
  76. There Sounds a Glorious Music
  77. Thou Knewest Not Where to Lay Thy Head
  78. Thou Sayest, Fit Me, Fashion Me for Thee
  79. Thou Sweet, Belovèd Will of God
  80. Thou Who Givest of Thy Gladness
  81. To Heart and Soul How Sweet Thou Art
  82. To Learn, and Yet to Learn
  83. To Me to Live Is Christ
  84. To Praise Him in the Dance!
  85. To Thee, Lord, My Heart Unfoldeth
  86. Wanderer, Rest Thy Weary Feet
  87. We Slept—A Sleep of Death
  88. We Thank Thee, Lord, for Weary Days
  89. Where Is a God? Doth Weary Reason Say
  90. Where Is the School for Each and All?
  91. Wherefore Goest Thou with Me?
  92. Who Are These Who Come Amongst Us?
  93. Who Are These Whose Faces Are Irradiate?

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