Early 20th Century

Berrie’s songs were published approximately 1912–51. He seems to have been in Mus­ko­gee, Ok­la­ho­ma, in at least the 1930s.

  1. All Along Life’s Way
  2. Beyond the Shores of Eternity
  3. Celestial Home, The
  4. Day Is Coming Soon, The
  5. Glory Day Is Dawning o’er the Hilltops, The
  6. Go Forward Ye Soldiers, in Battle Array
  7. God Gave His Own Son on the Cruel Tree
  8. Gone Home to Glory By and By
  9. Hark, the Sound of War upon the Air
  10. Have You Heard the Wondrous Story?
  11. He’s a Friend of Mine
  12. His Love Shines in My Soul
  13. Homeward Way, The
  14. I Know of a Home Far Better Than This
  15. I Shall Wear a Crown Some Day
  16. I’ll Anchor in Heaven By and By
  17. I’ll Be There, Will You Be There?
  18. I’m Traveling with Jesus
  19. In His Footsteps
  20. In That City So Bright
  21. In the Great and Final Judgment
  22. In the Light of God’s Wonderful Love
  23. In Yon Bright Land Across Life’s Sea
  24. Just Beyond Life’s Rolling Sea
  25. Lead Me, Savior
  26. Marching to the Firing Line
  27. My Savior Walks upon the Deep
  28. My Soul’s Redeemed
  29. Not Made with Hands
  30. O Glory, It Won’t Be Long
  31. O What Will It Be to See Jesus
  32. Once I Had a Darling Mother
  33. Onward We Go
  34. Over in the Glory Land
  35. Sailing o’er Life’s Ocean
  36. Some Brighter Day
  37. Tell the Wondrous Message
  38. There’s a City with Foundation
  39. There’s a Song That I am Singing
  40. This Is My Song
  41. Till My Savior Calls for Me
  42. When I Pass Through the Gates of Gold
  43. Where Jesus Is, Is Heaven for Me
  44. Wonderful Story, Tell It Again
  45. Wondrous City, The