July 6, 1824, Bol­ton House, Rus­sell Square, Blooms­bu­ry, Eng­land.

January 14, 1915, Miss­ion House, Cow­ley St. John, Ox­ford, Eng­land.

St. Mary and St. John’s Church, Cow­ley, Ox­ford, England.


Benson was educated at Christ Church, Ox­ford, with a double second in Greats and Mathematics (BA in honors 1847, MA 1849).

On taking Holy Orders, he became Curate of St. Mark’s, Sur­bi­ton (1849), and Vicar of Cow­ley, Ox­ford, 1850. He was also Student of Christ Church, Ox­ford, and helped found the Society of Saint John the Evan­gel­ist in 1866. His works include:

  1. O Thou Whose All Redeeming Might
  2. Praise to God Who Reigns Above