Ap­ril 24, 1862, Wellington College, Crowthorne, Eng­land.

June 17, 1925, Magdalene College, Cambridge, Eng­land.

Ascension Parish Burial Ground, Cambridge, Eng­land.


Arthur was the son of hym­nist Ed­ward Ben­son.

Her was educated at Eton and King’s College, Cam­bridge (BA, first class Classical Tri­pos, 1884). From 1885–1903, he was Assistant Master at Eton, and as of 1905 was Fellow of Mag­da­lene College, Cam­bridge.

He was a well known poet, and wrote the Coronation Ode for Edward VII’s coronation in 1902. Benson’s other works in­clude:

One of Ben­son’s often cited quotes is:

Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.

  1. God of All Created Things
  2. God of Glory, King of Nations
  3. God of Loving-Kindness
  4. Hear, Holy Father, from Thy Secret Throne
  5. In the Silent Midnight
  6. Lie Still, Beloved, Lie Still
  7. Lord, Dost Thou Look from Heaven and See?
  8. Lord of Grace and Holiness
  9. Lord of Hosts, Who Has Endued Us
  10. Lord of Life Eternal
  11. Lord, to Thy Loving Arms
  12. Lord, We Uplift Our Voices in Supplication
  13. O Lord of Hosts, Who Didst Upraise
  14. She Hath Her Heart’s Desire
  15. Spring Again Is Here, The
  16. What Can I Give Jesus?

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