June 21, 1836, Eden, New York.

June 12, 1898, Rich­mond, Il­l­inois.

Ce­dar­vale Ce­me­te­ry, So­lon Mills, Il­li­nois.


Sanford was the son of Ro­bert Ben­nett and Sally K. Kent, and hus­band of Ger­trude Cro­sby Jo­hon­nott.

His po­et­ry be­gan ap­pear­ing in the Wau­ke­gan, Il­li­nois, Ga­zette in the ear­ly 1850’s, and he at­tend­ed the Wau­ke­gan Acad­e­my and Un­i­ver­si­ty of Mi­chi­gan.

He served as su­pe­ri­nten­dent of schools in Rich­mond, Il­li­nois, for two years, then in 1860 moved to Elk­horn, Wis­con­sin, and be­came as­so­ci­ate ed­it­or of the Elk­horn In­de­pen­dent.

In the Am­er­i­can civil war, Ben­nett served in the 40th Wis­con­sin Vol­un­teers. Up­on re­turn to Elk­horn, he ran a drug­store and stu­died med­i­cine. Grad­u­at­ing from Rush Med­i­cal Col­lege in 1874, he worked as a doc­tor for ov­er two de­cades.

  1. Above the Stars Is Rest
  2. Be Thou My Guide, I Cannot Clearly See
  3. Care for Us Little Ones
  4. Draw Near, O Comforter
  5. Hail, Gracious Morn
  6. He Loves Me, Too
  7. His Leading Hand
  8. I Am Coming to Je­sus for Rest
  9. I Stand on Memory’s Golden Shore
  10. I Was Hungry and Lame
  11. In the Sweet By and By
  12. Old Glory
  13. Over in the Glory Land
  14. Sit Down by My Side as of Old
  15. Song of the Savior
  16. Sweet Is the Rest That Waits
  17. There Shall Dawn a Glorious Morning
  18. Trust Him, O, Trust in the Savior
  19. We Shall Meet By and By
  20. We Sing the Song of Je­sus
  21. When Will the Sweet Tomorrow