Late 19th Century

Bentley’s works include:

  1. Better Day Is Coming, A
  2. Blessed Lord, He Comes to Seek, The
  3. Blessed Name of Jesus, The
  4. Come Out of the Darkness, Sinner
  5. Come to the Savior
  6. Flee from the Wrath of Destruction
  7. He Loves and So Do I
  8. I Have Sought and Found the Savior
  9. I Know I Love Jesus
  10. I Never Weary Traveling
  11. I’ll Go to the Savior Heart-Broken
  12. Jesus Is Willing and Strong
  13. Let Us Now Enjoy the Blessings of the Lord
  14. Listen to the Blessed Master
  15. Just Now, Lord Jesus, Come to Me
  16. Marching on to Zion
  17. Obey His Command
  18. Saved Even Now
  19. Sweet Rest for You
  20. This World Is Full of Sickness and Sorrow
  21. To Work for Jesus
  22. We Are Nearing That Bright River
  23. We Read of the Blessed Redeemer
  24. When First I Heard of Jesus
  25. When I Leave This Land of Sorrow
  26. When We Near the River Jordan
  27. Will You Speak a Word for Jesus?
  1. Deptford
  2. Old, Old Way, The