1859, Islington, London, England.

April 23, 1933, Lambeth, London, England.

Benson played the organ at Upton Baptist Chapel, Lambeth, for five decades.

The Parson and the Organist

The Parson and the Organist
Were walking side by side,
Said the Parson to the Organist,
Your tunes I can’t abide.

I’m sorry, said the latter,
That our tastes should disagree,
But I really must say frankly
That your sermons don’t touch me.

And so they fell discussing
From their different points of view,
The pulpit and the organ-loft,
But quite forgot the pew.

Till up came Deacon Johnson,
Who was passing by that way,
And hearing the discussion
He just thought he’d have his say.

Look here, said he, my brothers,
You both are in the wrong!
One shows the way to heaven
And the other leads the song.

Let each to his vocation
His best endeavours bring,
For when we get to Heaven
We must all know how to sing.

This ended the discussion,
For they felt that he was right,
So the Parson and the Organist
Shook hands and said Good-night.

Henry Ford Benson, 1920

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