Late 19th Century
  1. All Hail, All Hail, All Hail to You
  2. Banner of the Cross, The
  3. Beautiful Home of the Blest
  4. Beautiful Land of Song
  5. Come to Jesus, Precious Soul
  6. Come unto Me
  7. Down from Calvary’s Holy Mountain
  8. Far Beyond This Mortal Shore
  9. Final Victory
  10. Glad Tidings
  11. Great and Noble Army, A
  12. Hail, Hail the Glorious Morning
  13. Heavenly Joys
  14. I Come, I Come with This One Plea
  15. In the Promised Land
  16. Jesus Loves a Little Child
  17. Let Me Be Thine
  18. Let Me Die with Jesus Near Me
  19. Meet Me in That Lovely Land
  20. Mighty to Save
  21. More of Earnest Work for Jesus
  22. O Come to the Fountain of Mercy
  23. O Ring the Merry Bells
  24. O Sad Is the Heart of the Lone One
  25. Once Again We’re Doomed to Part
  26. Open Gates, The
  27. Rest on the Beautiful Shore
  28. Safety Near the Cross
  29. Saints’ Sweet Home, The
  30. Savior, Brother, Friend
  31. Speed the Happy Day
  32. Sunday School War Cry
  33. Thine Forever
  34. True Friend, The
  35. Waiting Savior
  36. When to Save a Sinful Race
  37. Which Way Are You Going?