November 26, 1785, Canaan (now New Lebanon), New York.

August 6, 1871, Carbondale, Illinois.

Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, New York.


Nathan was the son of Samuel Be­man and Si­lence Doug­lass. He married twice, to Lo­rane Eli­za Smith (1811), and Car­o­line Bird.

Nathan graduated from Mid­dle­bu­ry College, Ver­mont, in 1807. He then studied theology and preached in Port­land, Maine (1810–12), and Mount Zi­on, Geor­gia (1812–22).

In 1818, he became president of Frank­lin College in Ath­ens, Geor­gia (the founding college of the University of Georg­ia), though he served only a year in that position. He later served as pastor of the First Pres­by­ter­i­an Church, Troy, New York (1823–63).

In 1824, Be­man became a trustee of Mid­dl­ebu­ry College, his al­ma mater, a position he held until his death. He was elected president of Mid­dle­bu­ry College in 1846, but declined the position. Be­man also served as vice president of Rens­se­laer Poly­tech­nic Institute in Troy (1842–45), and as its fourth president (1845–65).

Beman edited Sacred Lyrics (Troy, New York: 1832), and an enlarged collection under the same title, 1841. The latter was adopted by the New School Pres­by­ter­i­an General Assembly as the Church Psalm­ist in 1847.

  1. Hark, the Judgment Trumpet Sounding
  2. Jesus, I Come to Thee
  3. Jesus, We Bow Before Thy Throne