Early 20th Century

We have little data on Bell, except that he was a minister. His works include:

  1. Act, Act on the Verge of the Century
  2. America, Thou Child of Providence
  3. Fair Isle of Porto Rico, So Long
  4. God’s Spirit Now Is Striving
  5. Great Battle Is On, The
  6. If Our Plans Be Not All Human
  7. If Today We Sat in Darkness
  8. Many Centuries Have Flown
  9. O Come, Give Thanks unto the Lord
  10. O, Ye Who Toil the Teeming Soil
  11. Oft the Christian, in Life’s Pathway
  12. Read o’er Your Marching Orders
  13. Send the Light
  14. Sweet Gospel, the Pure Word, The
  15. This Will Be a Great Day for You
  16. To Thee, O Land, So Dark, but Dear
  17. We Cling Close Together, My Jesus and I
  18. When the Day Is Ended