Early 20th Century
Birdie Bell

Bell was born, raised, and (as of 1916) lived in New York City. She wrote her first hymn at age 16, and went on to write 500 more, plus 200 religious poems, and 200 Christ­mas and Eas­ter lyrics, beside numerous short stories, sketches, and other prose articles contributed to various literary publications.

Bell’s works include:

  1. Although You Stumble
  2. Beautiful Birds of the Wild­wood
  3. Because It Is True
  4. Can He Count on You?
  5. Cares May Beset Me
  6. Christ Is Beside Thee
  7. Christmas Bells Shine Sweetly
  8. Come to Me
  9. Darkness Broods o’er Vale
  10. Day Dawn of Gladness
  11. Day of Kind Remembrance, A
  12. Do the Best You Can
  13. Every Day We Need It
  14. Faith’s Threefold Mission
  15. Finding the Christ
  16. Fly Your Colors
  17. Fragrant Easter Lilies
  18. Gleam on in Splendor
  19. God Is Good, O Come with Adoration
  20. God of Love, from Above
  21. He Says So! I Believe It!
  22. He Will Do It for Thee
  23. Jesus Understands
  24. Just One Touch
  25. Just Tell It to Jesus
  26. My Father Is Waiting for Me
  27. Near to Thee
  28. Never a Burden of Care or Woe
  29. No Matter if Clouds Have O’er Shadowed the Way
  30. Nothing Too Hard for Jesus
  31. Old Church Bell, The
  32. Over Life’s Thorny Pathway
  33. Sweeter Day by Day
  34. Teach Our Hands to Do Thy Bidding
  35. Tell About the Master
  36. Tho’ ’Tis Hard to Part from a Friend That’s Dear