March 21, 1858, Battle Creek, Michigan.

December 2, 1945, Marshall, Michigan.

Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, Michigan.

A. N. O.

Courtesy of Ellen G. White Estate

Franklin was the son of Ste­phen T. Bel­den and Sarah Har­mon, and husband of Har­ri­et E. Mac­Dear­mon.

When he was eight years old, his family moved to Cal­i­for­nia, where he first composed music. Due to breathing problems, he later moved to Co­lo­ra­do. He eventually returned to Bat­tle Creek, Mi­chi­gan, around age 30. He joined the Review and Her­ald Pub­lish­ing Company, and stayed in Bat­tle Creek until about 1910, when he began writing songs for evangelist Bil­ly Sun­day.

Belden’s aunt was El­len Har­mon White, one of the founders of the Sev­enth Day Ad­vent­ist Church. Though Bel­den’s later years were marred by misunderstandings with the church leadership over his royalties, he donated his papers and manuscripts to the church’s seminary at his death. Belden’s works include:

  1. Above the Clouds That Veil the Blue
  2. Adown the Arch of Azure Sky
  3. Afar from Earth, Where Angels Dwell
  4. Afar from the East
  5. Again to Thee We Join in Singing
  6. Again We Hail the Rest Day Sweet
  7. Again We Hail the Sabbath Sweet
  8. All Hail for Youthful Volunteers
  9. All My Class Not One Forgotten
  10. Always Speak Kindly Wherever You Go
  11. Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
  12. Angel of the Lord Encampeth, The
  13. Angel Voices Sweetly Calling
  14. Angels Are Building Fair Mansions Above
  15. Answer the Call
  16. Are You on the Lord’s Side?
  17. Are You Tenting on the Lowlands?
  18. As for Me and My House
  19. As Homeward the Lone Bird Is Wearily Flying
  20. Ask for the Guide Book, the Bible
  21. Ask for the Old Paths, by the Prophets Trod
  22. Ask for the Rain
  23. Ask for the Showers of Blessing
  24. Ask Not to Be Excused
  25. Ask of the Lord, and He Will Give
  26. At Evening Time No Gathering Night
  27. Awake for the Conflict
  28. Beautiful Angels, Watching Close By
  29. Beautiful City, Haven of Peace!
  30. Beautiful Star Arose One Night, A
  31. Behold How Sweet, How Calm
  32. Beyond the Blue Is the City of Gold
  33. Beyond the Years
  34. Bless Us, Lord, as We Part Today
  35. Blessed Lord, How Much I Need Thee
  36. Blest Are the Pure in Heart
  37. Bravely Say No, When Tempted to Sin
  38. Bring a Glad and Thankful Offering
  39. Bring Your Treasure
  40. Broken, Contrite Heart, A
  41. Build on the Rock
  42. Burdened Soul, There’s Rest in Jesus
  43. By Thousands Now Rejected
  44. C-L-O-C-K—The World Is Like a Shelf
  45. Carry the Joyful Tidings
  46. Casting All Your Care upon Jesus
  47. Cast Out the Buyers, Lord
  48. Cheerfully Give
  49. Cheering Little Sunbeams
  50. Chiefest Among Ten Thousand
  51. Christ Is Born
  52. Closer Than a Brother
  53. Come from Your Toiling
  54. Come, ’Tis Sabbath Morning
  55. Come, Tonight
  56. Come, Ye Straying, Sad, Desponding
  57. Coming King Is at the Door, The
  58. Could You Wait?
  59. Count Your Many Blessings
  60. Cover with His Life
  61. Creation’s Lord Displayed His Might
  62. Crown the Sabbath with a Song
  63. Day Is Dead, and Egypt’s Night Returning, The
  64. Dear as Thou Wert
  65. Dear Savior, I Will Seek Thy Face
  66. Dear Savior, Lead My Erring Steps Aright
  67. Desert Way He Sometimes Leads Us, The
  68. Eternal Father, God of Love
  69. Fair Were Thy Fruits and Fadeless Thy Flowers
  70. Far Across the Rolling Sea
  71. Father, We Come to Thee
  72. Fear Not, Little Flock
  73. Fleeing from Destruction’s Fair Palaces of Strife
  74. For Jesus, All My Morning Hours
  75. Forbid Them Not, Our Savior Said
  76. Forward Soldiers, in the Holy War
  77. Foxes Have Holes, Birds Have Their Nests
  78. Fresh from Above, for One and All
  79. Fresh from the Throne of Glory
  80. Friend and Companion
  81. From Day to Day, O Gracious God
  82. From the Lips of Angels Spoken
  83. Gather the Children to the School
  84. Gently, Dear Savior, Now We Bring
  85. Give, Said the Golden Sun
  86. Give This Year to Jesus
  87. Give Up All for Jesus, Weary Child
  88. Give Your Heart to Jesus Now
  89. Glad New Year to All We Bring, A
  90. Glory, Honor, Praise, and Power
  91. Go Ye into All the World
  92. God Bless Our Sabbath School
  93. God Made the Lilies
  94. God of Light and Matchless Splendor
  95. God Shall Be First in Everything
  96. Golden Harps in Yonder City
  97. Golden Light Is Fading, The
  98. Great Joy to All People
  99. Greeting to This Sabbath Day, A
  100. Guests Are Few, the Hour Is Late, The
  101. Guide and Guard Us, O Our Father
  102. Hail! Oh Little Christian Sailor
  103. Hallelujahs to Jesus
  104. Has the Cross of Christ Been Lifted?
  105. Have You Any Room for Jesus?
  106. He Will Mention Them No More Forever
  107. Hear the Voice of Loving Duty
  108. Hear the Voices Calling o’er the Stormy Main
  109. He’ll Remember Them No More Forever
  110. Help the Erring, Help the Weary
  111. Hem of His Garment Touch Believing, The
  112. He’s Coming Once Again
  113. Hold Fast Till I Come
  114. Hold to the Helm, Sailor
  115. Holy Day, Jehovah’s Rest
  116. Hour by Hour Kept by His Power
  117. How Slender Is Life’s Silver Cord
  118. How Sweet to Rest in Jesus
  119. I Am Not Ashamed to Speak a Word for Jesus
  120. I Am Resting in the Shadow
  121. I Am Safe If Jesus Holds My Hand
  122. I Am Satisfied
  123. I Am Waiting for the Morning
  124. I Cannot Drive the Nails Again
  125. I Cease to Sing of Sweet Tomorrow
  126. I Come to Thee, My Savior
  127. I Have a Song, a Song So Sweet
  128. I Shall Abide Forever
  129. I Will Not Let Thee Go, My Lord
  130. I Will Pour Water on Him That Is Thirsty
  131. I Will Sing of Jesus’ Love
  132. If Any Little Word of Mine
  133. If I Were a Sunbeam
  134. I’ll Sing You a Song of a City
  135. I’m Kneeling at the Cross
  136. In a World of Sin and Strife
  137. In Ancient Egypt’s Pagan Land
  138. In Him O Life of Glory
  139. In Love’s Azure Firmament
  140. In the Blood of Jesus
  141. In the Path of Duty Lies the Promise
  142. Jesus Has Something for Children to Do
  143. Jesus Holds Me Fast
  144. Jesus in His Temple Holy
  145. Jesus Is Passing
  146. Jesus Is the Light, the Life, the Truth, the Way
  147. Jesus Is Waiting, Pleading, Calling
  148. Jesus, Jesus, Chiefest Among Ten Thousand
  149. Jesus, Jesus, Gentle Shepherd
  150. Jesus, Jesus, Tender Shepherd
  151. Jesus Knows the Children’s Love
  152. Jesus, Savior, Hear Us Pray
  153. Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me
  154. Joy By and By
  155. Joy Today!
  156. Joyful Greeting to Thousands
  157. Judgment Has Set, The
  158. Keep Praying as You Go
  159. Keep the Pages White
  160. Kind Words Are the Sweetest
  161. Launch the Life Boat
  162. Let Every Lamp Be Burning Bright
  163. Let Me Fly to the Rock in the Desert
  164. Let Us Hear the Conclusion
  165. Like as a Father, Pities His Child
  166. Like Faithful Soldiers, True and Brave
  167. Like Refreshing Showers in a Thirsty Land
  168. List, to the Chime, ’Tis Meeting Time
  169. Little Crowns Are Waiting
  170. Little Fishermen Are We
  171. Little Ones May Be Just Like the Fruitful Trees
  172. Little Volunteers Are Needed
  173. Long Ago the Children Sang a Song
  174. Long Years Ago, on Blue Galilee
  175. Look for the Beautiful
  176. Look for the Way-Marks
  177. Look Not Behind Thee
  178. Look to the Cross, Sinner
  179. Look upon the Golden Image
  180. Lord Is My God and Creator, The
  181. Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want, The
  182. Lord Worketh, Let Us Work Too, The
  183. Low Bend the Willows
  184. Make Duty Plain, O Lord
  185. Many Are the Little Duties
  186. Merry, Merry Welcome, A
  187. Moment by Moment, Hour by Hour
  188. More Diligence Give Me
  189. More of My Savior, Says My Soul
  190. My Anchor Holds
  191. My First Thought Shall Be of Jesus
  192. My Heart Is in the Homeland
  193. My Heart’s a Tuneful Harp
  194. Nearer Thee and Ever Nearer
  195. Never Be Ashamed to Own Your Savior
  196. Never Come Late to the Sabbath-School
  197. No Tears in Yonder Home
  198. Not a Wasted Moment
  199. Not in the Hour of Death
  200. Not One Single Jot or Tittle
  201. Now I Lay Me Down to Slumber
  202. Now the God of Peace Be with You
  203. O Beautiful Smiling Summer Land
  204. O Blessed, Blessed Sunday-School
  205. O Blessed Rest When We Recline
  206. O Blest Are They That Mourn
  207. O Blest Are They Who Oft Have Said
  208. O Christian, Have You Heard It?
  209. O Christian, Idle All the Day!
  210. O Christian, on the Billow of Life’s Sea
  211. O Christian Trav’ler, Hold the Light!
  212. O Christian, Triumphantly Singing
  213. O Father in Heaven, Thy Promise We Claim
  214. O Give Us a Parting Blessing
  215. O Guard Us Till We Meet Again
  216. O Heart Bowed Down
  217. O Holy Book of Truth Divine
  218. O Jesus, My Redeemer Thou Art My Joy and Song
  219. O Raindrops Bright with Liquid Light!
  220. O There’s a Better World on High
  221. O Thou, Who Dwellest Up on High
  222. O Voyager, Idly Drifting Down
  223. Oh, the Wondrous Love of Jesus
  224. Oh! There Is Joy, for the Summer Is Past
  225. On Time’s Wide Waste of Waters
  226. Once Again Has Come My Birthday
  227. Once I Heard a Footstep
  228. One More New Day for Jesus
  229. Only Gleaners in the Harvest
  230. Only One Step to Jesus
  231. Only Thee, in Joy or Sorrow
  232. Open the Windows of Heaven
  233. Open Thou Mine Eyes That I May Behold
  234. Our Father in Heaven, Thy Promise We Claim
  235. Out upon an Angry Ocean
  236. Paradise! O, Hope of Ages!
  237. Pearly Portals Swinging Open
  238. Pillar of Fire
  239. Plant Blossoms, Beautiful Blossoms
  240. Praise Be to God and Songs of Thanksgiving
  241. Praise Him, Mighty Creator
  242. Praise to God, the Everlasting One
  243. Praise to Thee, O Dear Redeemer
  244. Pray for the Erring Ones
  245. Put on the Garments
  246. Put on the White Garments
  247. Raise the Banner High
  248. Remember the Sabbath Day
  249. Remember Thy Creator
  250. Rest, Sweet Rest
  251. Roll On, Thou Crimson Stream
  252. Saints May Rest Within the Tomb, The
  253. Saved to Serve in Any Station
  254. Savior, Keep Me Pure in Heart
  255. Savior, Meet Us While Assembled
  256. Savior, Savior, Be My Guide
  257. Scatter Smiles, Loving Smiles, All Along
  258. Scatter Sunshine, Scatter Sunshine
  259. Seven Times Round the Boasting Walls
  260. Shall One Be Missing?
  261. Shall We Stand at His Coming?
  262. Shepherd Divine, Thou Leadest Me
  263. Shout for Joy! Your Tribute Bringing
  264. Shout Forth the Tidings Joyfully
  265. Silent in Death He Lies
  266. Sing, O Sing the Glory of Immanuel
  267. Sing to the Lord, Ye His People
  268. Sleeping Sweetly on His Bosom
  269. Snowy Robe Is Waiting There, A
  270. Soldiers in the Holy Strife
  271. Some Glad Morn Not Far Away
  272. Someone Is Straying in Downward Way
  273. Someone the Beautiful City Shall See
  274. Soul, Amid the Earth Sorrows Dwelling
  275. Sound an Alarm, All Ye Watchmen
  276. Sowing in Sadness Through Long, Weary Years
  277. Sowing to Death or Life, Sowing to Reap!
  278. Speak Well of the Land of Promise
  279. Speed Away, Speed Away Over Mountains and Sea
  280. Stand by the Bible
  281. Stand by the Flag
  282. Stand by the Law Once Proclaimed
  283. Stand for Jesus, Fighting Boldly!
  284. Stand for the Right, O Christian True!
  285. Stand Like Caleb
  286. Star of Beauty
  287. Suffer Them, the Little Ones
  288. Sweet and Low
  289. Sweet Be Thy Rest and Peaceful Thy Sleeping
  290. Sweet Promise, I Will Come Again
  291. Sweet Promise Is Given to All
  292. Sweet Sunday School, with Hours So Full
  293. Thanksgiving
  294. There Are Little Crosses
  295. There Are Riches Better Than Gold
  296. There Are Two Ways for Travelers
  297. There Came a Stranger Knocking
  298. There Is a Land of Promise
  299. There Is Something at Home for the Children to Do
  300. There Is Sunlight on the Hilltop
  301. There Is Sweet Rest for Feet Now Weary
  302. There Was a Star That Shone in Splendor
  303. There’s a Cross to Be Borne
  304. There’s Life in a Look at the Sacred Cross
  305. There’s No Other Name Like Jesus
  306. There’s Room for You to Anchor
  307. These Two Little Hands Were Given
  308. This Is the Love of God
  309. Thou Art Coming
  310. Thou Hast Kept Us, Blessed Savior
  311. Thou Savior of the Sin Sick Soul
  312. Though Seas Like Mountains Hedge Thy Way
  313. Thro’ All the Year, Most Gracious God
  314. Through the Gloom That Gathers o’er Us
  315. Thus One by One Our Loved Ones Go
  316. ’Tis Love That Makes Us Happy
  317. To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice
  318. True Hearts Are Needed to Work for the School
  319. Until We Meet Again, Direct Our Steps Aright
  320. Wake, Freemen All, Whose Homes Are Dear
  321. Wake the Slumbering Melody
  322. We Are Building Every Day
  323. We Are on the King’s Highway
  324. We Are Sentinels for Jesus
  325. We Build on the Sure Foundation
  326. We Come with Joy to Greet You Here
  327. We Greet Thee Here, O Glad New Year
  328. We Know Not the Hour
  329. We Love the Blessed Bible
  330. We Love to Tell the Story
  331. We Never Stay Away from Sabbath-School
  332. We Offer Praises
  333. We Shall Meet Beyond the Skies
  334. We Should Be Like Gardens
  335. We Should Never Be Late
  336. We Sing About the Home of Beauty
  337. We Thank Thee for Thy Mercies
  338. We Welcome This Blest Sabbath Day
  339. Weighed and Wanting
  340. Welcome, Welcome, Merry Welcome
  341. We’ll Give This Week to Jesus
  342. We’ll Live in the Sunlight
  343. We’ll Shine as Yonder Stars
  344. We’ll Tarry by the Living Waters
  345. Were Always at the School with Joyful Greeting
  346. We’re Coming, We’re Coming with Songs of Rejoicing
  347. We’re Faithful Daughters of the King
  348. We’re Going Home, a Pilgrim Band
  349. We’re Little Christian Soldiers
  350. We’re Loyal Soldiers of the Lord
  351. What Says the Bible?
  352. What Shall I Do for Christ, My Savior?
  353. What Shall I Do with Jesus?
  354. What Shall It Profit a Man?
  355. When Circles Are Broken?
  356. When Departs This Hallowed Day
  357. When Israel Came to Jordan’s Side
  358. When Jesus Calls His Jewels
  359. When Jesus Shall Make Up His Jewels
  360. When Softly Fades the Dying Day
  361. When Softly Falls the Twilight Hour
  362. When Softly the Springtime Breezes Are Blowing
  363. When Temptation Assails
  364. When the Cross Is Hard to Carry
  365. When the Cross Seems Hard to Carry
  366. When the Judge Shall Weigh Our Motives
  367. When the Load Looks Big to Carry
  368. When the Tempest Gathers o’er Us
  369. When Through Earthly Seas of Sorrow
  370. When We Lay Our Burdens Down
  371. Where Hast Thou Gleaned Today for Jesus?
  372. White Pages Before Us
  373. Who Is Dauntless, Who Is Daring?
  374. Who Is on the Lord’s Side?
  375. Who Will Be Like Moses?
  376. Who Will Be the Next to Come to Jesus?
  377. Who Will Speak a Word for Jesus?
  378. Wholly Thine
  379. Why Should We Ever Be Gloomy and Sad?
  380. Wide Is the Gate and Broad the Way
  381. With, a Song, the Angel Voices
  382. Wonder of the Countless Spheres
  383. Word and Will of God Immortal
  384. Words of Cheer from the Battle of Life
  385. Work for the School
  386. World’s Glorious Harvest Is Fast Drawing On, The
  387. Would You Fear to Have Your Windows Open?
  388. Would You Know Why I Am Singing?
  389. Ye Laden, Sad and Weary
  1. Belden
  2. Coronado