Late 19th Century

Bierly, whose name is given with the title Dr., is said to have lived in Chicago, Illinois. His works include:

  1. Giving Pennies for the Lord
  2. Glory, Glory Be to God Forever
  3. Go to the Savior When Thou Art Weary
  4. God the All Wise, Beholding Sinners
  5. God’s Fountain of Mercy
  6. Gone, Our Beloved
  7. Guardian of Nations, Mighty Protector
  8. Hail, Hail, Nation Free
  9. I Am the Light, Says Jesus
  10. I’ve a Home over Yonder in the Glory Land
  11. My Burdened Heart Is Thine
  12. My Soul Is Filled with Joy Divine
  13. My Soul Looks in Yon Paradise
  14. Redeemed, O, Wondrous Love Divine
  15. Repent Ye, ’Tis the Savior’s Voice
  16. Savior Made Atonement, The
  17. Sing to the Lord in Joyful Praises
  18. Spring Is Drawing Nigh
  19. Spring Is in Its Beauty Glowing
  20. Step by Step, We’re Onward Marching
  21. Sweet Rest That in Heaven Alone Can Be Found
  22. There Is a Home of Beauty, So Radiant
  23. There Is Room
  24. We Are Little Workers, One and All
  25. We Are Soldiers of Christ and His Holy Cause
  26. Who’ll Bear the Glorious Banner of the Lord?