Martin Boehm

September 16, 1557, Lauban, Silesia (now Lubań, Poland).

February 5, 1622, Breslau, Silesia (now Wrocław, Poland).

Martin was the son of Hans Behm, town overseer of Lauban. In 1574, during a protracted famine, Dr. Paul Fabricius, royal physician in Vienna and a distant relative, took Martin to Vienna, where he worked as a private tutor for two years. He then went to Straßburg, where he was befriended by Johann Sturm, Rector of the newly founded university there. Returning home at his mother’s request after his father’s death in 1580, he was appointed assistant in the town school, and on September 20, was ordained diaconus of the Holy Trinity Church. After the senior pastor was promoted to Breslau, the Town Council kept the post nominally vacant for two years, then made Behm senior pastor in June 1586. He held the position 36 years, renowned as a preacher and faithful pastor through troubled times: famine in 1590, pestilence in 1613, war in 1619. A prolific author, he wrote about 480 hymns. His works include:

  1. Das walt Gott Vater und Gott Sohn
    • O God Almighty, Father, Son
  2. O heilige Dreifaltigkeit
  3. O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht
  4. O König aller Ehren

Behm’s burial place