Jan­u­a­ry 5, 1869, Koedyk (near Alkmaar), Holland.

Oc­to­ber 29, 1947, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Woodlawn Ce­me­te­ry, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Henry Beets (1869–1947)

Beets was the son of Jas­per Beets and Griet­je Smit, and husband of Cla­ra Poel.

He emigrated to Am­er­i­ca in 1886, and after spending some years in Kan­sas, studied at Cal­vin College, Grand Ra­pids, Mi­chi­gan. He graduated in 1895, and was ordained a minister in the Chris­tian Reformed Church. In 1911, he received an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Mus­kin­gum College (now Mus­kin­gum Un­i­ver­si­ty), New Con­cord, Ohio.

He served as pastor of the Chris­tian Reformed Church in Sioux Center, Io­wa (1895–99); the La­Grave Avenue Church, Grand Ra­pids, Mi­chi­gan (1899–1915); and in Bur­ton Heights, Mi­chi­gan (1920). In 1920, he became secretary and director of missions for the Chris­tian Reformed Church. He also edited the weekly publication the Banner and De Hei­den­wer­eld, a monthly missionary publication. His works in­clude:

  1. Christmas Anthem