April 8, 1852, near Bremen, Ohio.

January 28, 1956, Elgin, Illinois.

Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin, Illinois.

William was the husband of Ad­a­line Beery (married 1888).

He attended Ju­ni­a­ta College, Hunt­ing­don, Penn­syl­van­ia, where he later taught vocal music. He also conducted music institutes and singing classes.

In 1910, he and his wife moved to El­gin, Il­li­nois, where both were employed by the Brethren Publishing House. His music was included in several Brethren hymnals.

Beery’s works include:

  1. Come to Jesus
  2. Father, Send Thy Spirit to Our Hearts
  3. Jesus Offers Peace and Comfort
  4. O Lord, Before Thy Throne We Come
  5. O Lord, We Seek Thy Presence Now
  6. There’s a Call That Is Coming
  1. Take My Hand and Lead Me, Father

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