December 20, 1859, Hanover, Pennsylvania.

February 24, 1929, Kane, Illinois.

Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin, Illinois.


Adaline was the daughter of Mi­chael Hoff and Eliz­a­beth Butch­er, and wife of musician and hymn-writer Will­iam Beery (married 1888).

She moved with her family to Io­wa when she was 10 years old. She attended Mount Mor­ris College Acad­e­my, Mount Mor­ris, Il­li­nois (1881–82) (later merged with Man­ches­ter University), and for while taught in Iowa public schools.

At Hunt­ing­don, Penn­syl­van­ia, she edited Golden Dawn (1884) and Young Disciple (1885–88). Ad­a­line wrote hundreds of poems, many of which appeared in Breth­ren periodicals and in the 1897 Poems of a Decade.

  1. Abide with Me, My Savior Dear
  2. Angel Watchers
  3. Bless Jehovah, O My Soul
  4. Bountiful Giver of Goodness
  5. Child in the Midst, The
  6. Come, Gather, All Tribes and All Nations
  7. Do You Purpose to Be True?
  8. Draw Me, Jesus!
  9. Fairest Flower, The
  10. Father, We Would Think on Thee
  11. Forth to the Harvest
  12. God of Might, Truth and Right
  13. Hail, Blessed Trinity, Low Here We Bow
  14. Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The
  15. Happy Are the Birds and Flowers
  16. Holy Bible, The
  17. Home Country, The
  18. I Come to Thee, Jesus
  19. I Would Be Thine
  20. I’ll Praise Thee, Lord for Length
  21. I’m Now Resolved
  22. In the Days Long Ago
  23. In the Lord’s Good Promises My Heart Is Glad
  24. I’ve Read of Mansions in the Skies
  25. Jesus, Precious Friend and Savior
  26. Jesus, Royal, Heavenly Friend
  27. Jesus Stands and Offers Comfort
  28. Kingdom of Song, The
  29. Leave All to Him, O Troubled Soul
  30. Let Your Face Be Like the Daybreak
  31. Lift Up Immanuel’s Banner
  32. Lo, a Gleam from Yonder Heaven
  33. Lo, What Song Breaks on the Morning
  34. Master’s Call, The
  35. O Angel with Mission of Healing
  36. O Fair Was the Vision That Flooded My Soul
  37. O Hark, What Sounds Are Floating
  38. O Mansions of Beauty in Heaven
  39. O Soul in the Shadow of Sin
  40. O Spirit Holy, Flame Divine
  41. O Sweet Was the Song
  42. O the Dear Love of a Savior and King
  43. Onward to the Conflict
  44. Open Your Heart, Brother
  45. Praise Him, Hallelujah!
  46. Put Off the Old
  47. Rally, Christian Workers
  48. Rally to Our Standard
  49. Rows of Cheerful Faces
  50. See, the Morn Is Brightening
  51. Some Day Among the White Robed Throng
  52. Standing on the Great King’s Highway
  53. Tell Me the Story of Jesus Over and Over Again
  54. Tell of the Love of Our Savior and King
  55. Sun Shall Pale Before Him, The
  56. There’s a Song of Gladness in My Heart Today
  57. There’s a Stranger Stands
  58. They Tell Me That Showers of Blessing
  59. Through the World We’re Traveling
  60. Up, Up, My Brother
  61. Upon a Gloomy Hilltop
  62. Upon This Holy Sabbath Day
  63. We Are Happy Little Children
  64. We Are Little Travelers
  65. We Can Sing of Christ the Lord
  66. We Come, Come Again
  67. We Come to Thee, O Holy Christ
  68. We Come to Worship Thee
  69. Wonderful Love
  70. We Come with Banners Waving
  71. We Have Come to Sing the Praise
  72. We Sing of Christ Our Savior
  73. We’re a Band of Happy Children
  74. We’re Coming to Work for the Master
  75. We’re Marching with Banners All Waving and Bright
  76. When Jesus Passed the Fig Tree
  77. When Jesus Was Asked by His Servants
  78. When My Savior Speaks to Me
  79. When Weary Walking the Highway of Life
  80. Why Do You Tarry, O Sinner?
  81. Why Will You Struggle, Dear Brother?
  82. Work for the Master
  1. Holy Bible, The

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