Jan­u­a­ry 23, 1717, Hen­ley-in-Ar­den, War­wick­shire, Eng­land.

Sep­tem­ber 23, 1795, Bour­ton-on-the-Water, Glou­ces­tershire, Eng­land.

St. Law­rence churc­hyard, Bour­ton-on-the-Wa­ter, Glou­ces­ter­shire, Eng­land.


Benjamin was the son of Bap­tist min­is­ter John Bed­dome.

He was ap­pren­ticed to a sur­geon in Bris­tol, but moved to Lon­don in 1739 and joined the Bap­tist church in Pres­cott Street.

At the call of his church, he de­vot­ed him­self to the work of Chris­tian min­is­try, and in 1740 be­gan to preach at Bour­ton-on-the-Wa­ter, Glou­ces­ter­shire.

For ma­ny years he was one of the most re­spect­ed Bap­tist min­is­ters in west­ern Eng­land. He was al­so a man of some li­ter­a­ry cul­ture.

In 1752, he wrote A Scrip­tur­al Ex­po­si­tion of the Bap­tist Ca­te­chism, by Way of Ques­tion and An­swer. In 1770, Bed­dome re­ceived a MA de­gree from Pro­vi­dence Col­lege, Rhode Is­land.

It was Bed­dome’s pra­ctice to write a hymn week­ly for use af­ter his Sun­day morn­ing ser­mon. Though not orig­in­al­ly in­tende­d for pub­li­ca­tion, he al­lowed 13 of these to ap­pear in the Bris­tol Bap­tist Col­lect­ion of Ash & Ev­ans (1769), and 36 in Rip­pon’s Select­ions (1787).

In 1817, a post­hu­mous col­lect­ion of his hymns was pub­lished, in Hymns Adapt­ed to Pub­lic Wor­ship or Fa­mi­ly De­vo­tion, con­tain­ing 830 piec­es.

Robert Hall wrote of Bed­dome’s hymns:

The man of taste will be gra­ti­fied with the beau­ty and orig­in­al turns of thought which ma­ny of them ex­hi­bit, while the ex­per­i­ment­al Chris­tian will oft­en per­ceive the most sec­ret move­ments of his soul strik­ing­ly de­lin­e­at­ed, and sen­ti­ments por­trayed which will find their echo in ev­ery heart.

  1. All Glo­ry Be to Him Who Came
  2. Almighty God, We Cry to Thee
  3. And Must I Part with All I Have
  4. And Shall I Sit Alone?
  5. Arise, Thou Bright and Morn­ing Star
  6. Ascend Thy Throne, Al­migh­ty King
  7. Awake, Awake, My Heart and Tongue
  8. Awake, Awake, Thou Migh­ty Arm
  9. Behold, the Day Is Come
  10. Behold the Eu­nuch, When Bap­tized
  11. Blest Com­fort­er, Di­vine
  12. Burdened with Guilt and Pale with Fear
  13. Buried Be­neath the Yield­ing Wave
  14. Can Sin­ners Hope for Hea­ven?
  15. Come, Bless­ed Spir­it, Source of Light
  16. Come Ho­ly Spir­it, Come
  17. Come, Je­sus, Hea­ven­ly Teach­er, Come
  18. Come, Thou Eter­nal Spir­it, Come
  19. Come, Ye Hum­ble, Con­trite Souls
  20. Death, ’Tis an Aw­ful Word
  21. Did Christ o’er Sin­ners Weep?
  22. Dost Thou My Pro­fit Seek?
  23. Each Oth­er We Have Owned
  24. Eternal Source of Ev­ery Good
  25. Faith, ’Tis a Pre­cious Gift
  26. Father of Mer­cies, Bow Thine Ear
  27. Fountain of Bless­ing, Ev­er Blest
  28. From Thy Dear Pierced Side
  29. Go Forth, Ye Saints, Be­hold Your King
  30. God, in the Gos­pel of His Son
  31. God’s Ho­ly Law Trans­gressed
  32. Great God, ’Tis from Thy Sov­er­eign Grace
  33. Great God, to Thee I’ll Make
  34. Great God of Pro­vi­dence, Thy Ways
  35. Great God, My Mak­er and My King
  36. How Free and Bound­less Is the Grace
  37. How Great, How Sol­emn Is the Work
  38. How Great the Wis­dom
  39. How Many Doubts and Fears Pre­vail
  40. If Christ Is Mine
  41. If Du­ty Calls
  42. If I Must Die
  43. If Sec­ret Fraud Should Dwell
  44. In All My Ways, O God
  45. In Du­ties and in Suf­fer­ings, Too
  46. Jesus, De­light­ful, Charm­ing Name
  47. Jesus, My Lord, My Chief De­light
    • Jesus, My Love, My Chief De­light
  48. Jesus, My Sav­ior, Bind Me Fast
  49. Jesus, My Sav­ior, Let Me Be
  50. Jesus, When Faith with Fixed Eyes
  51. Let Par­ty Names No More
  52. Lord, In­cline My Wan­der­ing Heart
  53. Lord, Though Bit­ter Is the Cup
  54. Lord, with a Grieved and Ach­ing Heart
  55. Love Is the Foun­tain Whence
  56. Mighty God Will Not Des­pise, The
  57. My Few Re­volv­ing Years
  58. My Ris­ing Soul with Strong De­sires
  59. My Times of Sor­row and of Joy
  60. O Blest So­ci­e­ty
  61. O Lord, Thou Art My Lord
  62. O Lord, Thy Per­fect Word
  63. On Bri­tain, Long a Fa­vored Isle
  64. On Wings of Love the Chris­tian Flies
  65. Prayer Is the Breath of God in Man
  66. Shout, for the Bless­èd Je­sus Reigns
  67. So Fair a Face Be­dewed with Tears
  68. Sprinkled with the Re­con­cil­ing Blood
  69. Straight the Gate, the Way Is Nar­row
  70. There Is a World of Per­fect Bliss
  71. This World Is All En­chant­ed Ground
  72. This World’s a Drea­ry Wil­der­ness
  73. Truth of God Shall Still En­dure, The
  74. Wait, O My Soul, Thy Mak­er’s Will
  75. Wandering Star, the Fleet­ing Wind, The
  76. When Ad­am Sinned, Through All His Race
  77. When by the Tempt­er’s Wiles Be­trayed
  78. When Is­ra­el Through the De­sert Passed
  79. When Storms Hang o’er the Chris­tian’s Head
  80. Where’er the Blus­ter­ing North Wind Blows
  81. Who Shall Con­demn to End­less Flames
  82. Why, O My Soul, Why Weep­est Thou?
  83. Witness, Ye Men and An­gels Now
    • Let Earth and Hea­ven Wit­ness Now
  84. Ye Trem­bling Souls! Dis­miss Your Fears
  85. Ye Worlds of Light That Roll So Near
  86. Your Work, Ye Saints, Is Not Com­prised