Jan­u­a­ry 23, 1717, Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, Eng­land.

Sep­tem­ber 23, 1795, Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, Eng­land.

St. Lawrence Churchyard, Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, Eng­land.


Benjamin was the son of Bap­tist minister John Bed­dome.

He was apprenticed to a surgeon in Bris­tol, but moved to Lon­don in 1739 and joined the Bap­tist church in Pres­cott Street. At the call of his church, he devoted himself to the work of Chris­tian ministry, and in 1740 began to preach at Bour­ton-on-the-Wa­ter, Glou­ces­ter­shire.

For many years he was one of the most respected Bap­tist ministers in western Eng­land. He was also a man of some literary culture. In 1752, he wrote A Scriptural Exposition of the Bap­tist Catechism, by Way of Question and Answer. In 1770, Bed­dome received a MA degree from Pro­vi­dence College, Rhode Island.

It was Bed­dome’s practice to write a hymn weekly for use after his Sunday morning sermon. Though not originally intended for publication, he allowed 13 of these to appear in the Bris­tol Bap­tist Collection of Ash & Ev­ans (1769), and 36 in Rip­pon’s Selections (1787). In 1817, a posthumous collection of his hymns was published, in Hymns Adapted to Public Worship or Family Devotion, containing 830 pieces.

Robert Hall wrote of Bed­dome’s hymns:

The man of taste will be gratified with the beauty and original turns of thought which many of them exhibit, while the experimental Christian will often perceive the most secret movements of his soul strikingly delineated, and sentiments portrayed which will find their echo in every heart.

  1. All Glory Be to Him Who Came
  2. Almighty God, We Cry to Thee
  3. And Must I Part with All I Have
  4. And Shall I Sit Alone?
  5. Arise, Thou Bright and Morning Star
  6. Ascend Thy Throne, Almighty King
  7. Awake, Awake, My Heart and Tongue
  8. Awake, Awake, Thou Mighty Arm
  9. Behold, the Day Is Come
  10. Behold the Eunuch, When Baptized
  11. Blest Comforter, Divine
  12. Burdened with Guilt and Pale with Fear
  13. Buried Beneath the Yielding Wave
  14. Can Sinners Hope for Heaven?
  15. Come, Blessed Spirit, Source of Light
  16. Come Holy Spirit, Come
  17. Come, Jesus, Heavenly Teacher, Come
  18. Come, Thou Eternal Spirit, Come
  19. Come, Ye Humble, Contrite Souls
  20. Death, ’Tis an Awful Word
  21. Did Christ o’er Sinners Weep?
  22. Dost Thou My Profit Seek?
  23. Each Other We Have Owned
  24. Eternal Source of Every Good
  25. Faith, ’Tis a Precious Gift
  26. Father of Mercies, Bow Thine Ear
  27. Fountain of Blessing, Ever Blest
  28. From Thy Dear Pierced Side
  29. Go Forth, Ye Saints, Behold Your King
  30. God, in the Gospel of His Son
  31. God’s Holy Law Transgressed
  32. Great God, ’Tis from Thy Sovereign Grace
  33. Great God, to Thee I’ll Make
  34. Great God of Providence, Thy Ways
  35. Great God, My Maker and My King
  36. How Free and Boundless Is the Grace
  37. How Great, How Solemn Is the Work
  38. How Great the Wisdom
  39. How Many Doubts and Fears Prevail
  40. If Christ Is Mine
  41. If Duty Calls
  42. If I Must Die
  43. If Secret Fraud Should Dwell
  44. In All My Ways, O God
  45. In Duties and in Sufferings, Too
  46. Jesus, Delightful, Charming Name
  47. Jesus, My Lord, My Chief Delight
    • Jesus, My Love, My Chief Delight
  48. Jesus, My Savior, Bind Me Fast
  49. Jesus, My Savior, Let Me Be
  50. Jesus, When Faith with Fixed Eyes
  51. Let Party Names No More
  52. Lord, Incline My Wandering Heart
  53. Lord, Though Bitter Is the Cup
  54. Lord, with a Grieved and Aching Heart
  55. Love Is the Foun­tain Whence
  56. Mighty God Will Not Despise, The
  57. My Few Revolving Years
  58. My Rising Soul with Strong Desires
  59. My Times of Sorrow and of Joy
  60. O Blest Society
  61. O Lord, Thou Art My Lord
  62. O Lord, Thy Perfect Word
  63. On Britain, Long a Favored Isle
  64. On Wings of Love the Christian Flies
  65. Prayer Is the Breath of God in Man
  66. Shout, for the Blessèd Jesus Reigns
  67. So Fair a Face Bedewed with Tears
  68. Sprinkled with the Reconciling Blood
  69. Straight the Gate, the Way Is Narrow
  70. There Is a World of Perfect Bliss
  71. This World Is All Enchanted Ground
  72. This World’s a Dreary Wilderness
  73. Truth of God Shall Still Endure, The
  74. Wait, O My Soul, Thy Maker’s Will
  75. Wandering Star, the Fleeting Wind, The
  76. When Adam Sinned, Through All His Race
  77. When by the Tempter’s Wiles Betrayed
  78. When Israel Through the Desert Passed
  79. When Storms Hang o’er the Christian’s Head
  80. Where’er the Blustering North Wind Blows
  81. Who Shall Condemn to Endless Flames
  82. Why, O My Soul, Why Weepest Thou?
  83. Witness, Ye Men and Angels Now
    • Let Earth and Heaven Witness Now
  84. Ye Trembling Souls! Dismiss Your Fears
  85. Ye Worlds of Light That Roll So Near
  86. Your Work, Ye Saints, Is Not Comprised