1873, Sparta, Virginia.

September 16, 1944, Chicago, Illinois, of tuberculosis.

Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.


Beazley wrote over 4,000 songs, and taught in singing schools for a decade, as well as five years at Shenandoah College in Winchester, Virginia. He was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame in 1992. His works include:

  1. All the Way with Christ I’ll Go
  2. All the World for the King
  3. Are You Fearing to Come to the Savior?
  4. Are You Often Weary with Life’s Cares?
  5. Blessed Be the God of My Salvation
  6. Blessed Hope, Linger with Me
  7. Build on the Rock
  8. Christians, Ye Are Bright and Shining Lights
  9. Crossing the River, Going to That Far Away Land
  10. Do Not Be Discouraged
  11. Dying Souls That Perish
  12. Far Away in the Depths of My Soul
  13. Give Thanks to Him Who Sendeth Down
  14. Go Forth, Ye Christian Workers
  15. God’s Promises Are Sure Indeed
  16. God’s Redeemed Are Marching
  17. Hallelujah, Christ Our Savior
  18. Hallelujah, Sing, Sing, O Sing to Him
  19. He Leads the Hosts of Zion On
  20. Hear the Kind Voice of the Savior
  21. I Am Resting Now in His Love Secure
  22. I Look upon Heaven’s Deep Azure Blue Sky
  23. I Try to Count My Blessings
  24. I’m Lost in Wonder When I Think
  25. In Charge of the Master’s Business
  26. In the Arms of Faith Let Me Rise
  27. In the Harvest Field
  28. It Was Matchless Love That Found Me
  29. Jesus Died That the Souls of the Lost Might Live
  30. Jesus Died That You and I Might Live
  31. Jesus Freely Left His Home
  32. Jesus, the Commander Calls You
  33. Just Beyond This Earthly Turmoil
  34. Justified Through Faith
  35. Keeping the Path That Leads on to Glory
  36. Lift Away the Shadows with a Song Each Day
  37. Listen Girls, Listen Boys
  38. Look Out Along the Way
  39. Love of Jesus, Oh, How Sweet, The
  40. Marvelous and Precious Is My Savior’s Love
  41. My Heart Was Bowed, My Strength Was Spent
  42. O the Soul Redeeming Blood
  43. On to the Work He Has Given
  44. Once More I Must Tell the Old Story
  45. Praise Him, O Praise Ye Jehovah
  46. Praise Him, Praise Him, Render Heartfelt Homage
  47. Reapers Are We in the Harvest
  48. Rejoice in Him Who Rules Today
  49. Ripe the Harvest Fields Are Waiting
  50. Saved By His Blood on We Go
  51. Shadows Drear Will Flee Away
  52. Shall You Hear Him Say at the Last Great Day
  53. Sing for Joy, As We Meet
  54. Sing His Praise Aloud, Glorify His Name
  55. So Many Are the Themes
  56. Soldiers Strong Are Needed Now Today
  57. Sometime the Mist Will Clear Above
  58. Tell Me More of Jesus
  59. There’s a Battle Going on Today
  60. There’s a Beautiful Flower
  61. There’s a Way Up to Life
  62. Though the Foe Be Strong
  63. Time Is Here, The
  64. ’Tis a Blessed Thing to Hear
  65. To Grieve Over Past Sins Will Not Avail
  66. Walking and Talking with Jesus
  67. We Are Content in the Beautiful Work
  68. We Are Pilgrims on Our Journey
  69. We Are Sailing o’er Life’s Ocean
  70. We Are Soldiers Pressing on to Glory Ever
  71. We Will Be Busy Bees for Jesus
  72. When Fondest Hopes Like Autumn Leaves
  73. When Silently the Nightshades Fall
  74. When the Ransomed Get Home
  75. When Weary Grows the Toilsome Way
  76. While the Days Are Going By
  77. Will the Pearly Gates of Heaven
  78. With Transgressions All Forgiven
  79. World Is Full of Sunshine, The
  1. After the Midnight
  2. At the Roll Call Yonder
  3. Be in Earnest
  4. Beautiful Easter
  5. Beckoning Lights of Home, The
  6. Christ Has Arisen
  7. Christ Is Ready to Welcome
  8. Come to the Feast
  9. Crossing the Bar
  10. Fix Your Eyes on Jesus
  11. Follow the Blood-Stained Way
  12. Go by the Way of the Cross
  13. Gone Is All My Debt of Sin
  14. Grace Has Done Wonders for Me
  15. Great Redeemer, The
  16. Happy Every Moment
  17. He Is Calling Us to Work
  18. He Is Growing More Precious to Me
  19. He Is the Light
  20. Hear the Trumpet
  21. High Ground, Low Ground
  22. Holy Twilight Hour
  23. Home of the Soul
  24. I Am Singing Glory
  25. I Choose Jesus
  26. I Love Him Best of All
  27. I Want to Meet You Up in Glory
  28. If You Will
  29. I’m a Pilgrim
  30. In the Hollow of His Hand
  31. In the Resurrection Morning
  32. Jesus Believes in You
  33. Jesus Is Victor
  34. Jesus Paid It All
  35. Jewels for His Crown
  36. Join in Exultation
  37. Keep the News Rolling On
  38. Keep Your Heart-Bells Ringing
  39. Lift the Standard To-day
  40. Light Will Soon Break Through, The
  41. Meet Me in Heaven
  42. No More Burdens I Bear
  43. O Do Some Good Deed Every Day
  44. O Wanderer Come Home
  45. Only the Saved Soul Is Happy
  46. Orders from the King
  47. Reapers Are Needed
  48. Ring Out the Message
  49. Sabbath Bells
  50. Sharon’s Rose
  51. Sing Away
  52. Smile
  53. Song of My Soul, The
  54. Song of Wonderful Love
  55. Take the Home-Path
  56. Then Will Come the Glory
  57. ’Tis Harvest Time
  58. Walk in the Light of God
  59. Way, the Truth and the Life, The
  60. What the Old World Needs
  61. Why Not You?
  62. With Heart and Voice
  63. Work Must Go On, The

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