November 12, 1615, Rowton, High Ercall, Shropshire, England.

December 8, 1691, Charterhouse Liberty, London, England.

Christ Church, London, England; the church was destroyed in World War II, so the exact location of his grave is now known only to God.


Baxter was educated at Wrox­e­ter School, and for a time held the Mastership of the Dud­ley Grammar School.

On taking Holy Orders, he became Curate of Kid­de­rmin­ster in 1640. Subsequently, he was for some time chaplain to one of Crom­well’s regiments.

Through weakness he had to take an enforced rest, during which he wrote his Saints’ Everlasting Rest. On regaining his health, he returned to Kid­der­min­ster, where he stayed until 1660, when he moved to Lon­don.

At the Restoration, he became chaplain to King Charles II, and was offered the bishopric of Here­ford, which he declined.

On the passing of the Act of Uniformity, he retired from active duty as an Ang­li­can minister. Around 1673, he obtained a license as a Non-conformist minister and began lecturing in Lon­don.

Baxter’s works include:

  1. He Lacks Not Friends That Hath Thy Love
  2. Lord, It Belongs Not to My Care
  3. Ye Holy Angels Bright