September 2, 1809, Petersburg, New York.

June 22, 1874, New York City.

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.


Lydia and her sister came to Christ with the help of Baptist missionary Eben Tucker. Following their conversion, the Baxter girls helped found the local Baptist church. After Lydia married John C. Baxter, she moved to New York City. She was an invalid most of her adult life, but that didn’t stop her active mind from studying the Bible and writing. In addition, she often hosted meetings of religious leaders at her home. Baxter’s works include:

  1. Banish Each Worldly Thought
  2. Beautiful Sight
  3. Because He Has Inclined His Ear
  4. Beyond the Dark Sea
  5. Bright Hills of Glory, The
  6. By the Gate They’ll Meet Us
  7. Cast the Net
  8. Christ Saw the Sinner Stand
  9. Come, Let Us Learn to Sing
  10. Come to Jesus
  11. From Our Belovèd Nation
  12. Gate Ajar for Me, The
  13. Happy Band, The
  14. Happy Song, The
  15. Heaven Is Bright
  16. Heavenly Dew, The
  17. Hosanna to His Name
  18. I’ll Sing with the Angels
  19. I’ll Think of My Savior
  20. I’m Kneeling at the Door
  21. Invitation, The
  22. Land of Love, The
  23. Master Is Coming, The
  24. Master Says, Go!, The
  25. My Heart Is Fixed on Jesus
  26. Now Is Done the Time of Teaching
  27. One by One
  28. One More Song for Jesus
  29. Precious Name
  30. River of Love, The
  31. Scattered Diamonds
  32. Shall I Be There?
  33. Starless Crown, A
  34. Stone Rolled Away, The
  35. ’Tis Always New
  36. Watch as Well as Pray
  37. We Are Coming, Blessèd Savior
  38. We’ll Toil and Labor
  39. When the Bounding Heart
  40. Work and Pray
  41. Young Pilgrims