Pap Baxter

De­cem­ber 8, 1887, Le­ba­non, Al­a­ba­ma.

Jan­u­a­ry 21, 1960, Dal­las, Tex­as.

Laur­el Land Mem­or­i­al Park, Dal­las, Tex­as.

Jesse was the son of James Ro­bert Bax­ter and Na­pier Sa­van­nah Hor­ton.

Baxter grew up in De­Kalb County, Al­a­ba­ma. In 1926, he bought part of Vir­gil Stamps’ Gos­pel mu­sic firm, which became the Stamps-Bax­ter Mu­sic & Print­ing Com­pa­ny, one of the most successful Gospel music publishers of the early 20th Century.

Baxter ran the company’s Chat­ta­noo­ga, Ten­nes­see, office until Stamps’ death in 1940, then moved to Dal­las, Texas, to run the main office. After his death, his wife Cla­rice ran the business until she died; it was then sold to Zon­der­van.

Jesse was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame in 1997.

  1. Afar from Christ, My Blessed Savior
  2. After the Storm Cloud
  3. After the Sunrise
  4. All Along the Way I’m Finding Glory
  5. All Around Me Every Moment
  6. All My Care and Sadness
  7. Although the Way Is Sometimes Dreary
  8. Are You Burdened With a Load of Sin?
  9. Are You Doing Your Best for the Lord Each Day?
  10. Are You Reaping for the Master?
  11. As a Nation We’ve Been Prone to Wander
  12. As a Stranger I Roam
  13. As I Travel Along on the Highway
  14. As I Travel Life’s Journey I Am Happy and Free
  15. As I Travel on Life’s Road
  16. As I Tread Life’s Journey
  17. As I Tread Life’s Road
  18. As Peter Walked Through Old Jerusalem
  19. As We Daily Look in the Grand
  20. As You Daily Travel on Your Journey
  21. As You Walk Down the Highway of Life
  22. Awake and Sing About His Marvelous Love
  23. Back to the Bible Let Us Go
  24. Be Not Misled
  25. Be Not Troubled
  26. Beyond the Stars We’ll Meet Again
  27. Blessed Hope Drives Away All the Shadows Today
  28. Blessed Lord of Glory Came, The
  29. Blessed Savior’s Voice Is Calling, The
  30. But for Love and Mercy
  31. By Faith I Follow the Way
  32. Byways of Sin I’ve Left Behind, The
  33. Cheer Up, Comrades, on the Way
  34. Cheerful Chimes Are Ever Ringing
  35. Christ Is Keeping My Soul Each Day
  36. Christ Is My Friend
  37. Christ Is My Shepherd
  38. Christ, Our Lord, Is Coming Back to Earth Again
  39. Christ the Savior Brought Sal­va­tion
  40. Christ the Savior Is Our Captain Brave and True
  41. Closely I’m Clinging, Praise to Jesus
  42. Come and Join the Singing
  43. Come to the Savior, Win Grace and Favor
  44. Come to the Savior, Win Grace and Favor
  45. Coming
  46. Dearly I Love My Redeemer
  47. Don’t Build Your House on Sinking Sand
  48. Down Here I Tread a Rough and Winding Road
  49. Each Moment of Time, Every Hour of Time
  50. Each Moment of Time Is Precious
  51. Earth to Me Holds Many a Treasure
  52. Every Day You Live True Service
  53. Every Moment of the Day Traveling Life’s Uneven Way
  54. Every Step on Earth That I Travel
  55. Everywhere We May Go There Is Trouble
  56. Faith Brings Joy and Gladness
  57. Far from the Shades of Sadness
  58. Farther Along
  59. Father, I Thank You for All
  60. Fields Are White, The
  61. For His Saving Grace
  62. For My Dear Lord’s Sake, I’ll Not Roam
  63. For the Blessings Each Day We Are Thankful
  64. Free from Pain and Care
  65. Friends Oft Forsake Me
  66. From Morning Till Evening I’m Trusting
  67. Gates to That Heavenly City, The
  68. Give Me Grace, Dear Lord
  69. Give Me Strength and Courage
  70. Give Us Thankful Hearts Each Day
  71. Glad Time Is Coming, A
  72. Gladly I Am Singing, Cheerful Is My Ode
  73. Gladly I Labor in the Vineyard Below
  74. Gladly I Sing the Praise of Christ
  75. Go Preach the Word Till All Have Heard
  76. God Shall Wipe Away All Tears
  77. Gone Is the Load of Sin That Bound Me
  78. Gracious Is the Promise of My Lord and King
  79. Greatest Joy It Is to Know
  80. Happy All the Time, in His Love
  81. Happy Am I Along the Journey
  82. Happy Am I Along the Way
  83. Happy Am I and Cloudless the Sky
  84. Happy Am I Since the Savior Came In
  85. Happy Am I This Road to Tread
  86. Happy Each Day as I Press
  87. Happy Each Day Glad
  88. Happy in Jesus, Though Burdens I Bear
  89. Happy Is the Man Who Has Found the Savior
  90. Hark, I Hear the Echo of the Glad Tones Pealing
  91. Harps Are Ringing in a Cloudless Land
  92. He Bore It All
  93. He Floods My Soul With Glory
  94. He Gave Me a Voice
  95. Hear My Humble Plea, Shepherd Divine
  96. Hear This Story, Wondrous Glory
  97. Heaven Is My Roof, Earth Is My Floor
  98. Help Me Live Each Day
  99. Here I Have a Place to Rest
  100. Here I Join My Friends in Song
  101. Here I Meet With Disappointments
  102. Here in This Valley of Sorrow and Sin
  103. Here My Stay on Earth Is Transient
  104. Here We Cannot Know the Meaning
  105. Here We Have Our Trials and Crosses
  106. Here We Have Trials to Vex Us Each Day
  107. Here We Must Me With Vexing Trials
  108. He’s Holding My Hand
  109. His Life He Gave
  110. His Love Means So Much
  111. Hold on to Christ When Clouds Hang Low
  112. How I Love My Savior and King
  113. How to Lose Your Burden Let Me
  114. I Am Anchored on the Solid Rock
  115. I Am Bound for That City Eternal
  116. I Am Dreaming of My Childhood
  117. I Am Forgetting the Sins of the Past
  118. I Am Glad That You Love My Lord
  119. I Am Gladly Singing Praise to Christ
  120. I Am Going Home, Never More to Roam
  121. I Am Going Home to Heaven When
  122. I Am Going Some Day to a Wonderful Place
  123. I Am Going Up to Heaven Fair
  124. I Am Happy as on I Go
  125. I Am Happy Because I Found the Savior
  126. I Am Happy Every Day as I Travel
  127. I Am Happy Every Day Since My Burden Rolled
  128. I Am Happy in His Love
  129. I Am Happy, Joyous Praises Singing
  130. I Am Happy Since My Burdens Rolled Away
  131. I Am Happy Today as I
  132. I Am Happy Today, Thinking
  133. I Am in the Gospel Fight
  134. I Am Just a Pilgrim Here But I Have
  135. I Am Marching to a Home Beyond
  136. I Am Now a Child of God Since
  137. I Am on a Journey Through a Land Beset
  138. I Am Singing, to Him Clinging
  139. I Am So Glad He Came and Sought Me
  140. I Am So Glad He Sought and Found Me
  141. I Am So Glad Since Jesus Came
  142. I Am So Glad That God Pointed the Way
  143. I Am So Happy When I’m Singing Praises
  144. I Am Trusting in the Promise, of the Man of Galilee
  145. I Believe That God in Heaven
  146. I Can Feel the Love Coming from Above
  147. I Cannot Live My Life Alone
  148. I Can’t Tell You Why Sal­va­tion Cost
  149. I Do Not Know How Long I’ll Wait
  150. I Do Not Know the Depth(s) of Jesus’ Love
  151. I Do Not Tread Earth’s Path
  152. I Go Rejoicing, My Gladness Voicing
  153. I Have a Home in That City Above
  154. I Have a Home, No More I’ll Roam
  155. I Have a Promised Home Awaiting
  156. I Have a Road to Travel Here
  157. I Have a Savior By My Side
  158. I Have a Wonderful Savior Walking With
  159. I Have a Wonderful Savior Walking With Me
  160. I Have Found My Place Through the Savior’s Grace
  161. I Have Found the Greatest Pleasure
  162. I Have Found the Road
  163. I Have Found the Secret
  164. I Have Jesus to Guide Me
  165. I Have Jesus to Share My Sorrow
  166. I Have Just a Little While to Linger
  167. I Have Peace in My Soul
  168. I Have Read About a Place
  169. I Have Turned from Sin and I Want to Win
  170. I Hold His Hand
  171. I Hold to the Hand of My Savior and Friend
  172. I Know My Lord Is Safely Leading Me
  173. I Know Not Why I Cannot See Before Me
  174. I Know That Our Savior Will Hear Us
  175. I Looked in Vain for Solace
  176. I Love My Savior More Each Day
  177. I Love My Savior, Too
  178. I Love to Lift My Voice in Praises
  179. I Love to Read the Story
  180. I Made a Vow One Day to Christ
  181. I Need Thee, Dear Savior
  182. I Shall Ever Recall How His Voice
  183. I Shall Love My Savior Each Hour I Live
  184. I Trust in Thee in Sunshine Or in Rain
  185. I Walk With the Blessed Lord
  186. I Want to Be Found Robed and Ready
  187. I Want to Be Found Watching When He Comes
  188. I Want to Be Found Worthy to Be Called
  189. I Want to Be Ready When Jesus Shall Call
  190. I Want to Help Some Weary Pilgrim
  191. I Want to Praise My Lord and Savior
  192. I Want to Serve My Blessed Savior
  193. I Was Bound By Fetters Strong
  194. I Was Groping in Darkness
  195. I Was Lost, in Darkness on the Downward Road
  196. I Was Lost in Sin and Shame Till
  197. I Was Lost in Sin, Had No Hope Within
  198. I Was Lost in Sorrow’s Darkest Night
  199. I Was Lost on Sin’s Dark Mountain
  200. I Was Steeped in Sin and Lost
  201. I Was Tossed By Waves Upon Life’s Sea
  202. I Would Be Ready for My Task
  203. I Would Sing With Gladness
  204. I Would Still Be Lost in Sin
  205. If I Believe That Jesus Is the Son of God
  206. If the Path Ahead Fills Your Heart With Dread
  207. If This Be the Last Song We’ll Sing
  208. If We Serve the Blessed Lord
  209. If You Do Your Best Each Moment
  210. If You Have a Heavy Load to Carry
  211. If You Would Have Sweet Peace
  212. If You Would Make the World Brighter
  213. If You Would Make the World Brighter as O’er Life’s
  214. I’ll Be Waiting At the Portal
  215. I’ll Go Home Some Day
  216. I’ll Meet You Up in Heaven
  217. I’ll Serve My Dear Savior and Heed
  218. I’ll Strive With a True Endeavor
  219. I’m a Pilgrim and a Stranger in This Wilderness
  220. I’m Bound for Glory With the Savior
  221. I’m Finding Sweet Pleasure
  222. I’m Getting Ready to Join
  223. I’m Happy Singing With Joy Bells Ringing
  224. I’m Happy to Follow
  225. I’m Just a Pilgrim Mid Earth’s Sorrow
  226. I’m Keeping the Promise to Jesus
  227. I’m Living in a Place Where Trouble
  228. I’m Living in Canaan Now
  229. I’m on My Way to the Land of Day
  230. I’m on the Glory Way That Leads
  231. I’m Pressing Onward Each Day
  232. I’m Traveling Homeward Where Cometh No Night
  233. I’m Treading Life’s Road and Bearing My Load
  234. I’m Waiting the Summons
  235. I’m Willing Now to Humbly Bow
  236. In Everything You Do Or Say
  237. In My Heart a Wondrous Joy
  238. In My Heart Bells of Joy
  239. In My Heart the Bells Are Ringing
  240. In My Heart There Blooms a Flower
  241. In Paths of Sin I Entered In
  242. In the Land Above Is a Home of Love
  243. In the Name of Christ Your Lord
  244. In This Land of Sorrow
  245. In This Vale of Sorrow, Friends
  246. In Thy Field I Would Wield
  247. In Waves of Confusion My Vessel
  248. It Seems God’s Chosen People Must
  249. It Thrills My Soul to Hear the Songs of Praise
  250. I’ve a Mother Who Is Growing Old
  251. I’ve Started for Home Across the Foam
  252. I’ve Started for Home, Beyond
  253. Jesus Brings Joy to My Soul
  254. Jesus Calls to You, to Him Be True
  255. Jesus Came Down from Earth
  256. Jesus Came Down from His Glory
  257. Jesus Came from His Home Above
  258. Jesus Came When I Was Lost
  259. Jesus Daily Walks Beside Me
  260. Jesus Drives Away the Clouds
  261. Jesus Has Saved My Soul
  262. Jesus Is Calling to You
  263. Jesus Is Coming from Heaven
  264. Jesus Is Mine, Savior
  265. Jesus Is Pleading With You Today
  266. Jesus Is the Sinner’s Friend, Ever Just the Same
  267. Jesus Is the Solid Rock of Ages
  268. Jesus Is With Me Each Moment
  269. Jesus Knows the Road from Earth to Glory
  270. Jesus Left the Glory of That Glad Home Above
  271. Jesus, Master, Save Me
  272. Jesus, My Heavenly King, Loves Me, I Know
  273. Jesus, My Savior, Will Show the Road
  274. Jesus Never Will Forsake Us
  275. Jesus Patiently Stands and Knocks
  276. Jesus Purchased Me
  277. Jesus Stands Very Near
  278. Jesus Went Back Home
  279. Jesus Went to Heaven But Is Coming
  280. Jesus Will Gladly Make You Happy
  281. Jesus Will Guide You, Walking Beside
  282. Joy It Is Bringing Me On
  283. Joybells Now Are Ringing
  284. Joyful News I Want to Tell
  285. Just to Touch His Hand
  286. Keep on Gladly Singing Here
  287. Keep the Glad News Rolling
  288. Let Glad Hosannas Be Ringing Today
  289. Let Me Labor Till He Calls Me
  290. Let Me Lift My Voice
  291. Let Me Walk Closer to My Lord
  292. Let Scoffers Doubt, Try Some Other Route
  293. Let Us Be Faithful, Praising Our King
  294. Let Us Keep Telling the Story
  295. Let Us Serve the Master Each Moment
  296. Let’s Keep Our Joybells Ever Ringing
  297. Life Has Been No Bed of Roses
  298. Light of Love Is Shining, The
  299. Like Abraham from the Plains of Sin
  300. Like Gentle Showers Feed
  301. Listen to the Story of a Savior’s Care
  302. Living Grace
  303. Lord Has Prepared for Us, The
  304. Love of Christ Still Reaches, The
  305. Man Was in Darkness and Hopeless
  306. Man Was Lost and Dying
  307. Many Are the Promises for All
  308. Many Strive to Lay Up Treasure
  309. Many Today Think All Our Fathers Were Wrong
  310. Many War Clouds Arise, Making Darker the Skies
  311. Marching Along the Path to Glory
  312. Men Have Found the Way, Serving Christ Today
  313. Men May Doubt the Story of the Cross
  314. My Boat Will Sail O’er the River Some Day
  315. My Doubts Are Gone, I’m Pressing On
  316. My God Is Love, It Never Fails
  317. My Precious Savior Suffered Pain and Agony
  318. My Savior Came Down from His Glory
  319. My Soul Is Glory Bound
  320. My Soul Was Drifting Far from the Road
  321. Night Is Coming, The
  322. No Matter How Loud You Pray
  323. Nothing Can Harm Me
  324. O Beautiful City
  325. O Come and Go With Me to That Eternal Shore
  326. O How Wonderful to Tell the Story
  327. O I Love My Savior More Each Passing Hour
  328. O Let Us Work for Jesus
  329. O Let Your Heart Be Glad
  330. O the All Important Question
  331. O the Journey Here Sometimes Seems Dreary
  332. O the Light of the Cross Leads Out
  333. O the Way Grows Brighter Every Day I Live
  334. O What a Joy and Exultation
  335. Oft I Am Weary, the Pathway Seems Dreary
  336. Oft I Sit in Meditation, Thinking
  337. Oft in Our Youth We Are Prone to Be Weak
  338. Oft the Ties That We Cherish Are Broken
  339. Oft When the Shadows Are Gathering Fast
  340. Often Here We Will Climb a High Mountain
  341. Often We Note a Change
  342. Often You Sing on the Journey
  343. On a Sure Foundation I Am Building Now
  344. On Christ My Friend I Now Depend
  345. On Life’s Ocean Wide With a Storm
  346. On the Path of Life to the Setting Sun
  347. Once I Sought for Perfect Joy
  348. Once I Wandered in the Paths of Sin
  349. Once I Was Blinded By the Folly of Sin
  350. Once I Was Far from the Savior
  351. Once I Was Sad, Never Felt Glad
  352. Once My Soul Had Drifted
  353. Once the Path Seemed Dreary
  354. One Day Is Now Set Apart Each Year
  355. Only a Pilgrim in a Lowland
  356. Onward I Am Pressing, Seeking That Blessing
  357. Onward I Journey With My Redeemer
  358. Out from the Darkness of Sinful Night
  359. Out of the East in Days of Old
  360. Out Yonder Somewhere a Soul Is in Need
  361. Outside He Stands and Knocks
  362. Over in the Glory Land With Angels We Shall Sing
  363. Over the Mystical River Today
  364. Past Redemption Line, The
  365. Past Sorrow’s Cloud, Life’s Sun Shines
  366. Pathway Before Me Has Dangers, The
  367. Peace Divine Is Mine Today
  368. Pilgrims for Jesus in a Lowland of Sin
  369. Pilgrims Tell the Blessed Story
  370. Praise the Holy Name of Christ
  371. Praise the Lamb of God
  372. Praise the Savior and King
  373. Praise to My Great Redeemer
  374. Praises I’m Voicing Gladly Rejoicing
  375. Remember, Soul, Before Too Late
  376. Riches and Honor Could Never
  377. Room in God’s Kingdom
  378. Round Your Soul Are Chains That
  379. Savior Is Calling, The
  380. Savior Is Tenderly Calling, The
  381. Savior Left His Home in Glory, The
  382. Shadows Fall Across Our Pathway
  383. Shadows May Often Come
  384. Shadows Will Pass Away, Brighter
  385. Shine On, Bright Star
  386. Shunning the Lowlands Where Temptations Are Rife
  387. Sin Clouds Were O’er Us
  388. Since I Found the Blessed Savior
  389. Since I Gave My Heart to Jesus, I Have Found That
  390. Since I Have the Blessed Savior
  391. Since Jesus Took Control and Saved
  392. Since Jesus Washed My Sins Away
  393. Since Sal­va­tion Is Free
  394. Sing a Song of Hope and Joy
  395. Sing for Jesus, as You Journey
  396. Sing of Love
  397. Sing Praises to Our Savior King
  398. Sing the Praise of Jesus as You Go Along
  399. Sing Unto God for He Is the King
  400. So Many Would Hinder Me Here
  401. So Often I Think of Heaven
  402. Some Days Are Dark and Dreary (Baxter)
  403. Some Happy Morning Bright My Soul
  404. Something Happens
  405. Sometimes the Way Seems Dreary
  406. Song of Praise Will Ring One Day, A
  407. Sorrow Was in My Life
  408. Sorrows Surround Us While Treading Life’s Road
  409. Storms May Be Sweeping Me, Jesus
  410. Sunshine of Love Comes from Above
  411. Sweeter Praises Will Ring
  412. Sweetest Comfort Is Mine
  413. Sweetest Flowers Will Be Growing in the Gardens
  414. Teach Me to Follow Thee, O God
  415. Tell Me Not This Life Is All
  416. Thankful Voices Let Us Raise
  417. Thankful Voices Unto Jesus Raise
  418. There Are Blessings for You
  419. There Are Many Faithful Workers
  420. There Are Paths Just Ahead
  421. There Are Storms Along This Pilgrim Way
  422. There Is a King Whom the Waves Obey
  423. There Is a Land Not Far Away, Where Roses Bloom
  424. There Is a Path That Leads to God
  425. There Is a Rest for Body and Mind
  426. There Is a Rift in the Clouds Above
  427. There Is Coming a Time When All
  428. There Stood the Savior Scourged
  429. There Will Come a Blessed Time
  430. There’ll Come a Time of Great Rejoicing
  431. There’s a Golden City in the Sky
  432. There’s a Happy Home Awaiting Over Yonder
  433. There’s a Mansion Built Above
  434. There’s a Rainbow of Love That Is Pointing Above
  435. There’s Coming a Day
  436. They’ll Never Swing Wider Than Now
  437. This Dark World Needs a Song That’s Cheery
  438. Those You Love May Forget You
  439. Though All Other Friends Forsake
  440. Though from the Scenes of Yore I Now Roam
  441. Though I Must Travel on and Face
  442. Though I Never May Know Why
  443. Though I See Not What’s Before Me
  444. Though It Seems Others Have More Gladness
  445. Though My Friends May Forsake Me
  446. Though My Possessions on This Earth
  447. Though on Earth I May Not Own a Great Possession
  448. Though Our Trials Oft Dismay
  449. Though Rough May Be the Journey
  450. Though Sorrows Come My Way
  451. Though Storms of Doubt Around Me Gather
  452. Though the Earth Was Filled With Sin
  453. Though the Road Be Rough and Steep
  454. Though the Savior Leaves the Father
  455. Though the Way Be Rough and Steep
  456. Though Trials Come Along the Way
  457. Though We Are Placed in the Tomb
  458. Though You Are Lost in Sin
  459. Through Gates That Open I’ll Go
  460. Time Is Swiftly Passing By
  461. Time Is Swiftly Passing, the Twilight
  462. ’Tis Recorded in the Bible
  463. To Him Clinging, Praises Gladly
  464. To the Garden Jesus Went
  465. To the Hand of Jesus I Am Clinging
  466. Too Long I’ve Waited for Another
  467. Travel the Sunlit Way
  468. Troubles I Fear While Traveling
  469. True Love for You and Me
  470. Try Jesus
  471. ’Twill Be Wonderful Indeed to Be His Child
  472. Unto the Weary and Troubled Soul
  473. Wake Up, Reapers, See the Harvest
  474. Walking With Jesus the Beautiful Way
  475. Warnings We Find on the Sea of Life
  476. We Are a Happy Band Traveling Through
  477. We Are Happy Singing On
  478. We Are on the Highway, Shunning
  479. We Are Seeking for a City That Will Stand Eternally
  480. We Are Traveling on the Shining Road to Glory
  481. We Have Found the Road to Our Eternal Home
  482. We Love to Praise Our Savior
  483. We Meet to Praise the King
  484. We See the Rainbow Shining
  485. We Shall Sing With the Saints in Glory
  486. We Were Lost in Sin and Shame
  487. We’ll Join Our Voices in Songs of Praise
  488. We’re on Our Way to Mansions
  489. What a Singing Over Yonder
  490. What a Song We’ll Raise in Happy Praise
  491. What a Wonderful Feeling, Just to Know He Is Mine
  492. What Am I to Point With Pride
  493. What Could I Do Without Jesus?
  494. When All the Toils of This Life Are Ended
  495. When All the World, Enslaved By Sin
  496. When Cares of Life Assail Me
  497. When Clouds of Sorrow Around Your Pathway Roll
  498. When He Blessed My Soul
  499. When He Crowns the Saints in Gloryland
  500. When I Near the Portals of the New Jerusalem
  501. When I Reach the Golden Shore
  502. When I Walk the Streets of Glory
  503. When I Was Lost and Bound By Fetters
  504. When I Was Lost in Sin and Disgrace
  505. When Jesus Came Down from His
  506. When Jesus Comes to Earth from Heaven
  507. When Jesus Was Treading the Pathway of Earth
  508. When Man Was Lost in Sin
  509. When My Lord Shall Call Me
  510. When My Savior Left His Home
  511. When My Soul Was Lost and In
  512. When My Soul Was Lost In
  513. When My Strength Seemeth Almost Gone
  514. When My Toiling Is Done
  515. When My Work on Earth Is Ended
  516. When Night Shades Are Falling
  517. When Our Labors Are O’er
  518. When Our Lord Shall Call Us Home
  519. When Sorrows Fall Across the Path
  520. When the Clouds Hang Low on the Path
  521. When the Day Is Dreary
  522. When the Days Are Drear
  523. When the Final Day Is Breaking
  524. When the Foes Assail Your Soul
  525. When the Golden Morning Shall Dawn
  526. When the Lord the Great Director Stretches
  527. When the Master Walked in Galilee
  528. When the Path Is Dreary Men Groping
  529. When the Path Seems Hard and Long
  530. When the Road Is Rough and the Way
  531. When the Savior Calls on Me
  532. When the Storms Sweep O’er Me
  533. When the Summons I Hear from the Savior So Dear
  534. When the Veil Is Lifted
  535. When the Waves of Jordan I See
  536. When the Way Seemeth Dim
  537. When the Way Seems Dim I Remember Him
  538. When the World Was Lost in Sadness
  539. When the World Was Lost in Sin
  540. When We All Have Reached the Portals
  541. When We All Reach the City
  542. When We Come to Cross the Tide
  543. When We Meet to Part No More
  544. When We Reach That Home
  545. When We Tread the Streets of Glory
  546. When Your Heart Is Bleeding
  547. While a Pilgrim in a Land
  548. While I Am Here in a Land Beset
  549. While I Travel Life’s Road
  550. While Jesus Is Tenderly Pleading
  551. While My Lord Is Passing By
  552. While Traveling O’er Life’s Rugged Way
  553. While Traveling on the Road Of
  554. While Walking Down Life’s Rugged Road
  555. Whosoever Will We Hear the Master Say
  556. Wilderness Drear I’m Traveling Here, A
  557. Wonderful the Story, Jesus Came
  558. Work for Christ the Lord
  559. World Is Full of Doubt and Gloom, The
  560. You Are Drifting on Life’s Ocean
  561. You Can Have a Friend When the Pathway Is Long
  562. You Have Tried the Path of Worldly Pleasure
  563. You Will Cry for the Rocks to Fall
  564. Zion’s Call