August 12, 1859, Falmouth, Massachusetts.

March 28, 1929, at her home in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Falmouth, Massachusetts.


Katharine was the daughter of clergyman Will­iam Bates and Cor­ne­lia Fran­ces Lee.

She attended Well­es­ley Col­lege, then taught at Na­tick High School and Da­na Hall in Well­es­ley. In 1885, she joined the faculty of Well­es­ley College as an Eng­lish instructor, becoming a full professor in 1891. She retired in 1925 and became a Professor Emer­i­tus.

  1. Anniversary Hymn
  2. Dear God, Our Father
  3. Kings of the East Are Riding, The
  4. O Beautiful for Spacious Skies
  5. Thy Palm Trees Fed with Dew and Sun