Au­gust 9, 1813, at the Mo­ra­vi­an set­tle­ment in Wyke, York­shire, Eng­land.

Ju­ly 27, 1889, Car­lisle, Cum­ber­land, Eng­land.

Car­lisle Ce­me­te­ry, Car­lisle, Eng­land.

Son of John Bate­man, Chris­tian studied in the Mo­ra­vi­an Church, and ministered there for a time.

In 1843, he became minister of the Rich­mond Place Con­gre­ga­tion­al Church, Ed­in­burgh, Scot­land. After 1846, he was successively Con­gre­ga­tion­al minister at Hop­ton, York­shire, and Read­ing, Berk­shire. He then took Holy Orders and served as Cur­ate of St. Luke’s in Jer­sey (1869–71); Vi­car of All Saints, Childs­hill, Mid­dle­sex (1871–75); and Curate of St. John’s Pen­y­myndd, Ha­war­den (1877–84).

His hymns appeared mainly in The Sacred Song Book (Ed­in­burgh: Gall & In­glis), subsequently published as Sacred Melodies for Children and as 200 Sacred Melodies for Sunday Schools and Families; and The Children’s Hymnal and Christian Year (Lon­don: John Hod­ges, 1872).

  1. Come, Christians, Join to Sing
  2. Father and Canst Thou Me Receive?
  3. Jesus, Full of Grace and Mercy

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