August 28, 1796, Clevedale (near Bristol), England.

November 25, 1877, Lydney Park, Gloucestershire, England.

At the parish church in Lydney, Gloucestershire, where he owned the family seat. There is a plaque commemorating him in the church, and the 14th Century cross in Lydney was restored in 1878 in his memory.


William’s father was Charles Bragge, Member of Parliament, who took the name of Bathurst on succeeding to his uncle’s estate of Lydney Park, Gloucestershire.

William was educated at Winchester, and at Christ Church, Oxford, graduating in 1818. He took Holy Orders in 1819, and from 1820–52, was Rector of Barwick-in-Elmet, near Leeds. However, he could not reconcile his doctrinal views with the Book of Common Prayer, and retired from the ministry. For some time he was Member of Parliament for Bristol. In May 1863, on the death of his elder brother, he succeeded to his paternal estate at Lydney Park. His works include:

  1. Almighty Father, by Whose Care
  2. Amid the Darkness That Appears
  3. Another Week Has Passed Away
  4. Arise, My Soul, from Meaner Things
  5. Author of Every Good Desire
  6. Author of Life, Whose Sovereign Will
  7. Awaken, Lord, Our Hearts to Know
  8. Before Thy Cross, My Dying Lord
  9. Before Thy Mercy-Seat, O Lord
  10. Behold, the Son of God Appears
  11. Before Thy Cross, My Dying Lord
  12. Before Thy Mercy Seat, O Lord
  13. Before Thy Presence We Appear
  14. Behold What Unspeakable Love
  15. Blest Is the Man Who Never Strays
  16. Break the Chains, O Lord, That Bind Me
  17. Brethren, Let Us Haste to Go
  18. By a Thousand Foes Assailed
  19. Cease, O My Soul, Thy Fond Complaint
  20. Come unto Me, the Savior Cries
  21. Come, Ye That Love the Lord
  22. Darkest Clouds of Human Woe, The
  23. Darkness Long Hath Veiled the Nations
  24. Days of Man on Earth Are Few, The
  25. Dear Is Thy Sacred Word to Me
  26. Did the Lord of Life Come Down?
  27. Do I Not Hear My Savior Say
  28. Does the Lord of Glory Speak?
  29. Earth’s Empty Joys I Cease to Prize
  30. Ere the World with Light Invested
  31. Eternal Spirit, by Whose Power
  32. Except the Lord Our Labors Bless
  33. Faith Is a Precious Gift
  34. Father, Before Thy Throne We Bend
  35. Few Are the Hours When We Can Share
  36. Forbid It, Lord, That We
  37. From a Vain World’s Ensnaring Arts
  38. From Thy Seat of Mercy Bending
  39. Full of Weakness and of Sin
  40. Glory to the Almighty Father
  41. God Forbid That I Should Boast
  42. Great God, in Whom We Move and Live
  43. Great God, When I Approach Thy Throne
  44. Hail Brightest, Happiest, Morn
  45. Happy the Heart Renewed by Grace
  46. Hark! The Distant Isles Proclaim
  47. Heaven Is a Place Where God Is Seen
  48. Holy Lord, Our Hearts Prepare
  49. Holy Spirit from on High
  50. How Blest Are They, Who Feel the Weight
  51. How Blest Is He Who Safe Hath Past
  52. How Bright a Day Was That Which Saw
  53. How Doth the World Our Hearts Surround
  54. How Frail and Fallible Am I!
  55. How Frail Are All Those Earthly Things
  56. How Graciously the Lord Invites
  57. How Great the Love of Our High Priest!
  58. How Long Will Ye Despise My Name?
  59. How Oft Do Sin and Satan Strive
  60. How Strange That Souls Whom Jesus Feeds
  61. How Sweet It Is in Early Youth
  62. How Sweet the Hour of Closing Day
  63. How Vainly Strive Ungodly Foes
  64. I Drank of Pleasure’s Maddening Stream
  65. If Thou, O Lord, My Portion Art
  66. In Jesu’s Name with One Accord
  67. In Mercy, Not in Wrath, Rebuke
  68. In Pity to a Dying World
  69. In the Fond Pursuit of Pleasure
  70. Is There a Brighter World Than This?
  71. Is There a World of Bitter Woe?
  72. Is There No Soul So Poor and Vile?
  73. Jesu, in Whose Boundless Grace
  74. Jesus Hath Left the Grave
  75. Jesus, if Thou My Shepherd Be
  76. Jesus, My Only Source of Peace
  77. Jesus, the Prophet of Thy Church
  78. Jesus, the Soul by Grace Made Thine
  79. Jesus, Thy Church with Longing Eyes
  80. Jesus, Thy Glorious Deeds Excel
  81. Joy in Angelic Bosoms Burns
  82. Leaves Fall, and Flowers Decay
  83. Led by a Father’s Gentle Hand
  84. Long Expected Hour Draws Near, The
  85. Lord, a Better Heart Bestow
  86. Lord, Bid Thy Light Arise
  87. Lord, Can I Ever Love to Be
  88. Lord, Didst Thou Give Thy Only Son
  89. Lord, I Own My Sins Are Great
  90. Lord, Let Thy Doctrine, Like the Dew
  91. Lord, Let Thy Word Be My Delight
  92. Lord, My Grief Is Lost in Gladness
  93. Lord of Glory, Prince of Peace
  94. Lord Shall Come, The
  95. Lord, Show Thy Glory, as of Old
  96. Lord, Since We Wander Here Below
  97. Lord, What Blessed Consolation
  98. Lord, When Our Offerings We Present
  99. Lord, When Thy Sovereign Will Began
  100. Lord, When Wilt Thou Extend Thy Sway?
  101. Lord, Who Is He That Shall Abide?
  102. Man, in His Maker’s Image Formed
  103. Midst All the Beauties That Appear
  104. My God, Forbid These Tears to Flow
  105. My God, When Troubles Fill My Mind
  106. My Troubled Spirit Longs for Peace
  107. Nothing into This World We Brought
  108. Now the Sabbath Morn Appearing
  109. O Could I but Learn Where to Find
  110. O Could We but Awake to See
  111. O for a Beam of Heavenly Light
  112. O for a Faith That Will Not Shrink
  113. O for a Heart That Knows the Worth
  114. O, for an Eagle’s Wing
  115. O for That Flame of Living Fire
  116. O Give Thanks unto the Lord
  117. O How Is Zion’s Glory Gone!
  118. O Lord, How Wondrous Is the Place
  119. O Lord, I Would Be Wholly Thine
  120. O Lord, My Very Heart Seems Dead
  121. O Lord, Thy Gracious Word Declares
  122. O Lord, Uphold Me in Thy Way
  123. O Lord, Vouchsafe Those Hopes to Crown
  124. O Lord, with Morning’s Earliest Light
  125. O Savior, May We Never Rest
  126. O Savior, When Thy Servants Meet
  127. O Sun of Righteousness, Arise
  128. O That I Had a Tongue to Speak
  129. O Thou, by Whose Refreshing Power
  130. O Thou, the Holy, and the Just
  131. O Thou, Whose Compassionate Care
  132. O Thou, Whose Grace No Limit Knows
  133. O Thou, Whose Hand Alone Can Guide
  134. O Thou, Whose Mercy Spreads the Feast
  135. O Thou, Whose Piercing Eye Surveys
  136. O Thou, Whose Tender Care Supplies
  137. O Thoughtless Youth, Let Worldly Joy
  138. O Vain Heart, Where Art Thou Roving?
  139. O What Is Death?
  140. O When Will All This Conflict Cease?
  141. O Where Can Happiness Be Found?
  142. Once More Assembled on Thy Day
  143. Path That Sinners Love to Tread, The
  144. Peace, Doubting Soul
  145. Peace, My Soul
  146. Peace, Troubled Soul
  147. Polluted, Feeble, Lost and Blind
  148. Raise, My Soul, the Note of Joy
  149. Rest, Weary Soul, Thy Race Is Run
  150. Savior, at Thy Feet We Bow
  151. Savior Comes, The
  152. Savior, Let Thy Gospel Light
  153. Shepherd of Israel, from Above
  154. Short Is the Space to Man Allowed
  155. Should Not Sinners, Saved by Grace
  156. Sinners Hear, the Lord Invites You
  157. Spirit of Holiness, Look Down
  158. Spirit of Life, Thy Influence Shed
  159. There Are Some Hours to Mortals Given
  160. There Is a Land of Endless Rest
  161. This Day the Lord Hath Called His Own
  162. Thou Art More Ready, Lord, to Hear
  163. Though in a Wilderness We Roam
  164. Thy Love, O Lord, Is Great and Free
  165. Thy Praises, O Lord, We Love to Repeat
  166. Time’s Ceaseless Tide Is Rolling On
  167. To God I Look Up
  168. Vain World, What Are Thy Joys to Me?
  169. We Come Before Thy Throne of Grace
  170. We Have a House Not Made with Hands
  171. Welcome, Sweet Day of Rest
  172. What Can Relieve the Troubled Soul?
  173. What Is Life? An Empty Show
  174. What Is There in Death So Appalling
  175. What Joys Are Thine, O Earth?
  176. What Tongue Can Speak the Wondrous Love?
  177. What Will These Sacred Walls Avail
  178. When Faithless Professors Depart
  179. When I Hear the Tempest Rave
  180. When Jesus Left His Glorious Throne
  181. When Shall Thy Name Be Known?
  182. When Temptation’s Flood Descended
  183. When the World My Heart Is Rending
  184. When Threatening Enemies Assail
  185. When We Draw Nigh to Thee
  186. Where Can the Happy Souls Be Found?
  187. While Others Wander Far and Wide
  188. Who Can Declare the Day or Hour?
  189. Why Buy We That Which Is Not Bread?
  190. Why Do I Shrink from Death?
  191. Why Is My Faithless Heart So Slow?
  192. Why Search Ye in the Narrow Tomb?
  193. Why Should a Living Man Complain?
  194. Why Should Earthly Beauties Tear Me
  195. Why Should Our Tears in Sorrow Flow?
  196. Wide o’er Earth’s Remotest Border
  197. With Humble Heart and Tongue
  198. With Joy We Hear What God Has Done
  199. With Morning’s Earliest Ray
  200. Would That My Heart Were Fully Bent
  201. Ye Servants of the Living God
  202. Ye That Through This Vale of Tears
  203. Ye Vain Engrossing Thoughts, Away!
  204. Zion, by Her God Forsaken