November 18, 1854, Hull, Yorkshire, England.

June 5, 1888, Pentre, South Wales.

Son of a flax dresser, Bateman began his musical career singing and playing the banjo in music halls, while also working at an oil mill. He was converted after attending a Salvation Army (SA) hall in Sulcoates. He went on to join the SA, becoming an officer in 1882. He served in various locations, including Cradley Heath, Northampton, Manchester Openshaw, Hanley, and Middlesborough, and contributed a number of songs to The Musical Salvationist.

  1. Come, Shout and Sing
  2. March On, Salvation Soldiers
  3. Once I Was Far in Sin
  4. Sinner, See Yon Light
  5. Though I Wandered Far from Jesus
  6. We’ll Shout Aloud Throughout the Land