March 6, 1802, Bunhill Row, Finsbury, London, England.

December 23, 1872, Hackney, London, England.

West Norwood Cemetery, Lambeth, London, England.

A popular writer of hymns for children, Bateman descended from the De Voeux, a Huguenot family. His wife was Mary Hunt Piper Bateman. Henry worked as a timber merchant, and for the greater part of his life wrote poetry. His hymns were mostly written 1856–64. His works include:

  1. Always by Day, Always by Night
  2. And Is It True That Jesus Came?
  3. At Jordan John Baptizing Taught
  4. Cross Purposes, How Sad They Are
  5. Daniel Was Right as Right Could Be
  6. From Grassy Nest on Fluttering Wing
  7. God Does Not Judge as We Must Do
  8. God of Mercy and Blessing
  9. God Made the Sea, the Wide, Deep Sea
  10. Good Night, Good Night, the Day Is Done
  11. Good Old Book! With Histories, The
  12. Gracious Savior, Gentle Shepherd
  13. Great God, the World Is Full of Thee
  14. Hallelujah! God Is Near Us
  15. Holy and Happy Youth, A
  16. How Joyously Amongst the Flowers
  17. I Always Love Those Friends the Best
  18. If Anything Seems Too Hard to Do
  19. In Eden’s Garden, Fair and Bright
  20. In My Soft Bed When Quite Alone
  21. In the Wild Desert Far from Home
  22. It Is but Little That I Know
  23. Let Us Pray, the Lord Is Willing
  24. Let Us with a Cheerful Voice
  25. Light of the World! Whose Kind and Gentle Care
  26. May I Touch His Garment’s Hem
  27. No Tears in Heaven! Ah, Then I Know
  28. Noble River, Wide and Deep, A
  29. O Lead Me Not, O Lead Me Not
  30. On the Green Grass Five Thousand Men
  31. Over the Fields in Hedgerows Green
  32. Pebble in the Water, A
  33. Sometimes I Do Not Like to Feel
  34. Sparrow with Its Plain Brown Coat, A
  35. There Is One Thing Quite Sure to Make
  36. Thou Blessed Jesus, Pity Me
  37. Thought Is but a Little Thing, A
  38. Through All the Way, the Little Way
  39. ’Tis Very Wonderful, I’m Sure
  40. Tramp, Tramp upon Their Unknown Way
  41. Tranquil Heart and Pleasant Thought, A
  42. Was It for Me, Dear Lord, for Me?
  43. When God Bade Abraham Sacrifice
  44. When Jairus’ Daughter Was So Ill
  45. When Morning, Fresh and Bright and New
  46. Year After Year, with Patient Love

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