July 27, 1741, Bordeaux, France.

July 23, 1808, London, England.

Westminster Abbey, London, England.

François’ father was wig maker Em­man­u­el Bar­thél­é­mon, who worked for the French government in one of their colonial departments. His mother was an Irish lady from a wealthy family in Queen’s County.

François started out as an officer in Ber­wick’s Regiment in the Ir­ish Brigade, then went on to become a professional violinist on the advice of the Earl of Kel­ly. He moved to Eng­land in 1765, and by 1770 was leading the Vaux­hall Gardens Orchestra. He also composed operas and other music. He became associated with J. Du­ché, chaplain of the Royal Female Orphan Asylum, and wrote his tune Morning Hymn at Duché’s request.

In 1766 Bar­thé­lé­mon married Ma­ry Young (died 1799), niece of Mrs. Arne and Mrs. Lampe, and in 1776 conducted a professional tour through Ger­ma­ny, It­a­ly, and France. He also visited Dub­lin, in 1784.

  1. Autumn (sometimes attributed to Louis von Esch)
  2. Ballerma
  3. Morning Hymn

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