July 27, 1741, Bordeaux, France.

July 23, 1808, London, England.

Westminster Abbey, London, England.

François’ father was wig maker Emmanuel Barthélémon, who worked for the French government in one of their colonial departments. His mother was an Irish lady from a wealthy family in Queen’s County.

François started out as an officer in Berwick’s Regiment in the Irish Brigade, then went on to become a professional violinist on the advice of the Earl of Kelly. He moved to England in 1765, and by 1770 was leading the Vauxhall Gardens Orchestra. He also composed operas and other music. He became associated with J. Duché, chaplain of the Royal Female Orphan Asylum, and wrote his tune Morning Hymn at Duché’s request.

In 1766 Barthélémon married Mary Young (died 1799), niece of Mrs. Arne and Mrs. Lampe, and in 1776 conducted a professional tour through Germany, Italy, and France. He also visited Dublin, in 1784.

  1. Autumn (sometimes attributed to Louis von Esch)
  2. Ballerma
  3. Morning Hymn

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