August 4, 1833, Mansfield, Connecticut.

1918, probably in Norwichtown, Connecticut.

New Storrs Cemetery, Storrs, Connecticut.

Barrows attended Amherst College, and studied divinity at East Windsor Hill, Connecticut, and Andover, Massachusetts. After graduation, he worked in parishes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. After six years at the First Church of Exeter, New Hampshire, he went into the mission field in Turkey. He returned to America in 1880 to serve pastorates in Atkinson, New Hampshire; Newington, Connecticut; and Road Church in Stonington, Connecticut. After retirement, he lived with his eldest daughter Alice and her family in Norwich, Connecticut. His works include:

  1. How Glorious Is the Day
  2. How Sweet the Mutual Love
  3. I Plead Thy Love
  4. In Thee, in Thee Confiding
  5. O Christ, to Thee I Live