October 25, 1879, New Springs, Wigan, Lancashire, England.

December 1968.

Emigrating to Amer­i­ca as a young man, Bar­ratt studied at Gor­don College, Wen­ham, Mas­sa­chu­setts, and New­ton Theological Seminary, New­ton Cen­tre, Mas­sa­chu­setts. He was ordained in December, 1913, by the Bap­tists in Con­nec­ti­cut, then by the Wheel­ing, West Vir­gin­ia, Pres­by­te­ry, Pres­by­ter­ian Church in the USA, in 1924. He was pastor in Dal­las, West Vir­gin­ia, then at a series of churches in the Pres­by­te­ry of Clar­i­on, Penn­syl­van­ia. In 1937 he was awarded the Doctor of Literature degree by Bob Jones College, Green­ville, South Car­o­li­na.

At age 83, Bar­ratt wrote: For 39 long years I have labored hard and steady writing sermons, children’s story sermons, and hymns. Up to the present day I have written 4,477 hymns. 80 percent of my sermons are published in books and magazines.

  1. All My Fears Are Gone
  2. All the Griefs and Fears That Filled My Soul
  3. All the Many Heavy Burdens We Have Carried
  4. All the World Around Is Bright to Me
  5. Amid the Strain and Stress of Life
  6. Are the Burdens You Carry Too Heavy to Bear?
  7. Are You Burdened with a Heavy Load?
  8. Are You Burdened with Grief and Care?
  9. Are You Despondent, Discouraged and Sad?
  10. Are You Discouraged o’er Burdened with Fear
  11. Are You Living Alone in Sorrow?
  12. Are You Living Yet in Bondage?
  13. Are You Lonely, Sad and Weary?
  14. Are You Long and Weary, Burdened with Your Sin?
  15. Are You Selling the Dear, Precious Savior?
  16. Are You Sore Afraid in Your Storm Tossed Life?
  17. Are You Telling of Jesus as Onward You Go?
  18. Are You Walking in the Path of Wrong?
  19. Are You Wandering Still in Sorrow?
  20. Are You Weary, Heavy Laden?
  21. Around the Manger Cradle
  22. As You Walk the Narrow Way
  23. At the Lord’s Command
  24. Be Faithful to Jesus
  25. Be Loving and Cheerful
  26. Be Not Discouraged When Dark Is the Way
  27. Be Not Discouraged When Pathways Are Dreary
  28. Be Not Discouraged Whate’er Befall
  29. Be Not Discouraged When Troubles Assail
  30. Be Not Impatient, Though God Tarries
  31. Be of Good Courage
  32. Be Thou My Helper
  33. Bear the Cross with Patience Day by Day
  34. Billows of Blessing Are Flooding
  35. Bless Me, Dear Savior, While Pressing
  36. Bring Your Burden to the Savior
  37. Bring Your Wounded Heart to Jesus
  38. Christ the Lord Is Very Near
  39. Close to the Savior I Would Abide
  40. Close to Thee, My Precious Savior
  41. Come Just as You Are
  42. Dear Savior, Walk Along
  43. Do Not Falter on the Pathway
  44. Do Not Journey Alone on the Path Below
  45. Do Not Murmur When the Day Is Drear
  46. Don’t Forget to Tell Somebody Else
  47. Every Day I Love My Savior More and More
  48. Every Hour of the Day
  49. Every Moment of the Day
  50. Far Beyond the Stars of Night
  51. Flowers in the Garden
  52. From the Strain and Stress
  53. Go Forth from Darkness Into Light
  54. God of Mercy, Guard and Guide Us
  55. God’s Blessings Are Scattered Around Us
  56. Golden Sunbeams Pure and Bright
  57. Harmony of Heaven, The
  58. Has the Lord in Mercy Saved Your Soul
  59. Have You Done Nothing Here Below
  60. Have You Heard the Blessed Proclamation
  61. Have You Said Yes to the Savior?
  62. He Will Roll the Clouds Away
  63. Help Somebody Else
  64. Help Us Be Sincere and True
  65. Helping Just a Little as We Pass Along
  66. Here We Have a Time of Weeping
  67. I Am Happy Every Day, as I Journey on My Way
  68. I Am Happy Every Moment in the Shadows
  69. I Am Living in Comfort
  70. I Am Never Discouraged When Dark Is the Day
  71. I Am Pressing Day by Day
  72. I Am Pressing Onward, Onward
  73. I Am Resting in My Father’s Loving Care
  74. I Am Singing and Rejoicing
  75. I Am Singing in the Shadows
  76. I Am Singing on My Way
  77. I Am Sweetly Trusting in the Lord
  78. I Am Trusting in the Lord and Believing
  79. I Am Trusting in the Lord and Relying on His Word
  80. I Am Walking in the Light and The
  81. I Am Walking in the Narrow Way
  82. I Am Walking with Jesus My Savior
  83. I Believe in God and Trust
  84. I Belong to the Lord
  85. I Cannot Forget All the Sorrow and Woe
  86. I Cannot Walk One Step
  87. I Cannot Walk One Step Without Thee
  88. I Have a Dear Savior Kind and Tender
  89. I Have a Friend Who Is Faithful and True
  90. I Have a Kind, Loving Savior
  91. I Have a Savior Who Loves Me I Know
  92. I Have a Story, Wonderful Story
  93. I Have Been Invited to a Marriage Feast
  94. I Have Found in Christ My Savior
  95. I Have Found Relief from Grief
  96. I Have Given My Heart to the Savior Today
  97. I Have Left the Path of Darkness
  98. I Have Reached the Land of Canaan
  99. I Have Tasted the Love of My Savior
  100. I Have Wandered Far from the Good Old Way
  101. I Love My Savior Better Still
  102. I Press on My Journey
  103. I Shall See the King in His Beauty
  104. I Shall Wear a Crown in Glory
  105. I Told Jesus About It
  106. I Traveled on Life’s Lonely Road
  107. I Want to Keep Closer to Jesus
  108. I Was Weak and Heavy Laden with My Grief
  109. I Was Weary and Discouraged
  110. If Jesus Has Pardoned All Your Sin
  111. If the Path Is Lonely as Onward You Go
  112. If the Savior Came in Lowly Guise
  113. If We Walk the Straight and Narrow Way
  114. If You Know a Kindly Word
  115. If You Would Rejoice the Whole Day Long
  116. I’m Gonna Move Away
  117. I’m Trusting Jesus Day by Day
  118. In a Blaze of Golden Glory
  119. In a Lowly Manger Once
  120. In My Childhood Days I Would Wend My Way
  121. In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions
  122. In Sin I Had Wandered Along
  123. In Sorrow’s Night the Savior Found Me
  124. In Tender Love the Savior
  125. In the Glory Way Every Passing Day
  126. In the Lord Abiding, Follow His Guiding
  127. In the Moment of Temptations
  128. In the Path of Sin I Could Not Stay
  129. In the Valley of Decision Weary Souls
  130. In These Days of Sin and Superstition
  131. In This Dreary World of Tribulation
  132. In This Lonely World of Grief
  133. In This World There Are Burdens We Must Bear
  134. Into Paths of Sin My Feet Were Drifting
  135. Is the Pathway Fraught with Woe
  136. Is Your Heart O’erburdened with Its Grief
  137. Is Your Heart Weary and Burdened
  138. Is Your Pathway Dark and Lonely
  139. I’ve a Savior Whom You Ought to Know
  140. I’ve Found at Last Life’s Sweetest Joy
  141. Jesus Christ Is Coming Back to Reign in Peace
  142. Jesus Dwells with Me, Wheresoe’er I Be
  143. Jesus Dwells Within My Heart
  144. Jesus Has Promised My Burdens to Bear
  145. Jesus Is Calling, and His Voice Seems Very Near
  146. Jesus Is More Than a Friend to Me
  147. Jesus Is My Helper on Life’s
  148. Jesus Is My Precious Savior
  149. Jesus Is My Savior, Bringing Joy
  150. Jesus Is Pleading, O Hear His Sweet Voice
  151. Jesus Is Waiting Outside the Door
  152. Jesus Leads the Way Every Passing Day
  153. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  154. Jesus, My Savior, Give Me Thy Grace, Moment by
  155. Jesus, My Savior, Is Leading Me
  156. Jesus, My Savior, Wonderful Friend
  157. Jesus Now Stands at Your Heart’s Fast Closed Door
  158. Jesus, Savior, Lord and Master
  159. Jesus, the Shepherd, Is Seeking
  160. Jesus Won My Heart
  161. Just When You Bear a Heavy Load
  162. Keep Climbing with Gladness
  163. Keep in Step with Jesus
  164. Keep My Heart Pure, O God
  165. Keep on Rowing Down the River
  166. Keep On, Ye Faithful Souls
  167. Keep the Love of Jesus
  168. Keep Your Armor Shining
  169. Lead Us, Dear Savior, o’er Life’s Stormy Sea
  170. Let Me Live to Help
  171. Let Those Who Love the Savior
  172. Let Us Be Strong and Courageous
  173. Let Us Do Some Good Each Passing Day
  174. Let Us Keep Our Lamps Well Filled
  175. Let Us Never, Never Weary
  176. Let Us Press Along with a Courage Strong
  177. Let Us Press Along with a Joyful Song
  178. Let Us Press Along with Singing
  179. Let Us Return to Jesus
  180. Let Us Walk the Royal Highway
  181. Let Your Cheering Song Echo
  182. Let Your Lovelight Glow
  183. Let Your Own Light Shine o’er the Rugged Way
  184. Living Each Moment for Jesus
  185. Love of My Savior Is Rolling, The
  186. Make the Pathway Brighter as You Journey
  187. Many Are Walking Where Pathways Are Drear
  188. Many Times on My Journey the Pathway Is Drear
  189. Master of Galilee, Savior
  190. Mother Is Your Loyal Friend
  191. My Days Are Fraught with Gladness
  192. My Earthly Path with Light
  193. My Heart Is a Palace for Jesus My King
  194. My Heart Is No Longer O’er-burdened with Care
  195. My Heart Is O’er­flowing with Gladness
  196. My Heart Was Sad and Weary
  197. My Heavy Load Is More Than I Can Bear
  198. My Hope of Redemption Forever Is Sure
  199. My Load of Sin Is Hard to Bear
  200. My Mother Is Waiting for Me
  201. My Mother’s Old Bible Is Pointing the Way
  202. My Only Hope Is in the Lord
  203. My Path Was Dark and Dreary
  204. My Pathway Was Drear, My Heart
  205. My Savior Bore the Heavy Cross
  206. My Savior Dear Is Ever Near
  207. My Savior Dear Is Kind and True
  208. My Savior Dear, Now Dwells with Me
  209. My Savior Has Promised if I Would Believe
  210. My Savior Sees the Sparrow Fall
  211. My Savior’s Love Has Reached My Soul
  212. My Sins Were Like a Mountain Standing There
  213. My Soul Is Burdened with Sin
  214. My Soul Is Confiding in Jesus Each Day
  215. My Soul Was Athirst and Yearning
  216. My Trusting Soul Has Lost Its Care
  217. Nearer I Come to the End of Life, The
  218. Never Lose Your Courage
  219. No Longer Be Sad When the Pathway Is Drear
  220. No One Loves You So
  221. Now My Heart Is Free from Doubt and Fear
  222. Now My Heart Is Light and My Hope Is Bright
  223. Now My Heart Is Overflowing with Joy Every Day
  224. Now My Soul Is Saved from Sin
  225. O Come to the Fountain of Blessing
  226. O God My King, in Realms Above
  227. O God of Love, of Truth and Might
  228. O God of Love, the Source
  229. O God of Love, Thy Powers Display
  230. O God of Mercy, God of Love
  231. O Haste Away with the Gospel
  232. O My Heart Is Full of Gladness
  233. O Praise the World’s Eternal King
  234. O Savior Dear, Thou King of Love
  235. O Weary Heart Be Not Dismayed
  236. O Weary Heart So Oft Dismayed
  237. O Weary Heart Take Time to Pray
  238. O What Joy We All Shall Feel
  239. O Ye Who Are Plunged in Darkest Despair
  240. O Ye Who Are Walking in Pathways Dreary
  241. O Ye Who Have Wandered in Sorrow Away
  242. On Life’s Steep and Lonely Path
  243. On My Path the Light of Love
  244. On My Pathway Lone and Drear
  245. On the Path of Life, with Its Din and Strife
  246. On the Pathway of Life
  247. On This Another Easter Day
  248. Once I Found Delight
  249. Once I Was Living in Doubts and Fears
  250. Once I Was Treading a Drearisome Way
  251. Once My Heart Was Overburdened with Care
  252. Once My Heart Was Sad and Burdened
  253. Once My Heart Was Sad, but Today I’m Glad
  254. Once My Life Was Wrecked with Sorrow
  255. Once My Path Was Drear, Fraught
  256. Once the Day Was Dark and Dreary
  257. Out of Your Sin and Your Heart’s Misery
  258. Over All the Earth the Bells of Joy Are Pealing
  259. Over the Highways
  260. Over the Path That I’ve Trod for Years
  261. Pardon on Calvary
  262. Path I Trod Was Dreary, The
  263. Path of Life Is Fraught, The
  264. Precious Love That Jesus Has for Me, The
  265. Precious Savior, Guide My Footsteps
  266. Savior Dear, Thou Art My Helper
  267. Savior, Fill Me with Thy Fullness
  268. Savior, Go with Me Where’er I Go
  269. Savior Has Knocked at Your Heart’s Door, The
  270. Savior Is Knocking Outside Your Heart’s Door, The
  271. Savior, Let Me Walk Beside Thee
  272. Savior Now Bids Us His Love, The
  273. Savior, Precious Savior, Friend and Guardian True
  274. Savior, Precious Savior, Guide Us
  275. Scatter Cheer Far and Near
  276. Scatter Joy and Gladness as You Go
  277. Scatter Your Kindness All over the Way
  278. Send Out the Beautiful Sunshine of Cheer
  279. Send Out Thy Light and Let It Shine
  280. Should the Voice of the Lord Come to You Today
  281. Since Jesus Came to Dwell with Me
  282. Since Jesus Washed My Sins Away and Banished
  283. Sing a Song of Gladness When the Skies Are Gray
  284. Some Day When Earth’s Sorrows
  285. Some Have Never Heard the Story
  286. Somebody Loves You, and Somebody Cares
  287. Sometime I Shall Enter That Beautiful Place
  288. Sometimes My Path Is Lonely, Dark
  289. Sometimes My Path May Be Darker Than Night
  290. Sometimes the Journey Is Lonely and Long
  291. Sometimes the Skies O’erhead Are Gray
  292. Sorrows and Troubles Hover Around Us
  293. Speak a Kind Word to Somebody Today
  294. Speak to My Heart, Dear Savior
  295. Spend a Moment in Prayer
  296. Step over the Line from Darkness to Light
  297. Storms May Be Howling and Blowing
  298. Take a Stand for Christ
  299. Take Jesus, Your Savior, to Be Your Guide
  300. Take the Savior Today
  301. Take the World with All Its Pleasure
  302. Tell Others of Jesus as Onward You Go
  303. Tell the Story of the Savior’s Love
  304. The Story of the Savior’s Love
  305. There Are Golden Gleams of Glory
  306. There Are Golden Glories in That Land
  307. There Are Many Bitter Sorrows
  308. There Are Many Hearts of Sorrow Here Below
  309. There Are Many Hearts Waiting in Sadness Today
  310. There Are Many Sad Hearts That Have Burdens to Bear
  311. There Are Many Wayward Sinners in the Path of Sin
  312. There Are Rainbow Rays of Love
  313. There Is a Beautiful Mansion
  314. There Is a Light on Life’s Long Way
  315. There Is a Shrine Within My Heart
  316. There Is a Song I Love to Hear
  317. There Is a Story More Precious Than Gold
  318. There Is an Unseen Hand That Guides Our Feet
  319. There Is Light and Love Shining from Above
  320. There Is No One Like Jesus to Save
  321. There Is One I Know, So Good and Kind
  322. There Is One Who Has Suffered and Died
  323. There Is One Who Is Filling My Heart
  324. There Is Perfect Joy and Gladness
  325. There Is Pleasure Beyond
  326. There Is Room for Workers
  327. There Is Sunshine in My Heart Today
  328. There Is Work Which I Must Do
  329. There Will Be a Day of Gladness
  330. There’ll Be Someone Waiting There
  331. There’s a Beautiful City of Gold
  332. There’s a Beautiful Day That Is Not Far Away
  333. There’s a Beautiful Eden So Sweet
  334. There’s a Beautiful Hallowed Retreat
  335. There’s a Beautiful Name That Is Radiant
  336. There’s a Beautiful Song in My Heart
  337. There’s a Chamber So Tranquil and Sweet
  338. There’s a Change in My Heart
  339. There’s a Fountain Flowing Full and Free
  340. There’s a Gentle Whisper Ringing
  341. There’s a Hand Held Out to You Today
  342. There’s a Hope Unfailing
  343. There’s a Light That Shines on My Path Below
  344. There’s a Mansion, I Know, in That City for Me
  345. There’s a Place Where All the Weary Can Unload
  346. There’s a Wonderful Friend Always Ready
  347. There’s a Wonderful Peace in My Heart Every Day
  348. These Golden Promises of God
  349. They Grope in Darkness All the Way
  350. This World of Sin and Strife
  351. Thou Art My Refuge, O Wonderful Savior
  352. Though at Times We Meet
  353. Though Drearisome Shadows May Hang o’er My Way
  354. Though My Heart May Sometimes Weary Grow
  355. Though Our Hearts Are Filled with Sadness
  356. Though Sorrow May Take Us Sometimes
  357. Though the Path May Lead Neath a Sunlit Sky
  358. Though the Powers of Sin Our Pathway Assail
  359. Though the Skies Above Are Gray
  360. Though You Have Rejected the Savior
  361. Through Days of Toil, Amid the Strife
  362. ’Tis Our Festal Day, Lord Jesus
  363. ’Tis Sweet, O God, to Steal Away
  364. To Him That Overcometh, When
  365. To the Lord, Who Has Died to Save Us
  366. To the World in Its Sorrow
  367. ’Twas Love That Led Jesus
  368. Upward, Onward Winging, Soaring
  369. Voice of God Is Calling Come, The
  370. We Are in the Savior’s Army
  371. We Are Outward Bound
  372. We Are Traveling on Life’s Journey
  373. We Are Waiting for the Blessing
  374. We Are Walking in the Blessed Way
  375. We Need the Love of Jesus
  376. We Often Say the Meanest Word
  377. We Shall Sing with All the Angels
  378. We Shall Walk with the Savior in Robes Pure
  379. We Sing the Praise of Mother
  380. Weary Souls in Paths of Sin Despairing
  381. When All Our Toilings and Struggles
  382. When All the Cares of Earth Are Ended
  383. When at Last We Reach
  384. When Dark Shadows o’er My Path
  385. When Days Are Dark and the Waves
  386. When Gloomy Shadows Dim Your Way
  387. When I Am Weary and Left
  388. When I Have Finished the Toils of the Day
  389. When I Lay Down My Burden of Care
  390. When I Need My Savior, He Is Near
  391. When I Remember He Died for Me
  392. When I Walk the Rugged Pathway
  393. When My Heart Is Discouraged in Pathways of Woe
  394. When My Heart Is Sad and Weary
  395. When My Spirit Is Weary and Faint
  396. When My Work on Earth Is Done
  397. When o’er My Path the Storms
  398. When Our Work on Earth Is Done
  399. When Paths Are Lone and Dreary
  400. When Skies Are Dark and Dreary
  401. When Skies Are Gloomy, Dark and Drear
  402. When Sorrows on My Path Appear
  403. When Storms Around Are Raging
  404. When Storms Around Me
  405. When the Billows Rise on Life’s Stormy Sea
  406. When the Dark Clouds Spread
  407. When the Dark Shadows Gather on Life’s Rugged Way
  408. When the Darksome Clouds Hang o’er Your Way
  409. When the Day Is Done at the Set of Sun
  410. When the Day of Toil on Earth Is Done
  411. When the Evening Shadows Fall and I Hear
  412. When the Evening Sun Sinks in the West
  413. When the Light of the Lord
  414. When the Load Is Heavy You Are Called to Bear
  415. When the Path Is Drear
  416. When the Path Is Fraught with Sorrow
  417. When the Path Is Lonely
  418. When the Path Is Rough and Steep
  419. When the Path You Tread Is Fraught with Woe
  420. When the Storm Is Sweeping o’er My Soul
  421. When the Storms on My Pathway Were Raging
  422. When the Toils of Earth Are O’er
  423. When the Toils of Life Are O’er
  424. When the Waves of Grief and Sorrow on My Pathway
  425. When Time Down Here Is Done
  426. When We Breathe the Name of Jesus
  427. When We Count Our Earthly Riches
  428. When You Are Burdened with Sorrow
  429. When Your Heart Is O’erburdened with Sin
  430. When Your Heart Is Sad and Lonely
  431. When Your Heart Is Sad from the Grief It Bears
  432. When Your Path Is Lone and Dreary
  433. When Your Soul Is Yearning for a Friend
  434. When Your Weary Heart Is Burdened
  435. Whenever Dark Sorrows Sweep over Thy Soul
  436. Whenever the Pathway Is Dreary
  437. Whenever Your Heart Is Lone and Drear
  438. While Through Life I’m Traveling Along
  439. While You Are Treading Life’s Rugged
  440. While You Are Treading the Ways of Life
  441. Whisper a Prayer When Things Go Wrong
  442. Wonderful Grace
  443. Wonderful Peace of My Savior
  444. Would You Cheerful Be
  445. Would You Live for Jesus
  446. Ye Men of God Press Onward
  447. You Are Drifting Away
  448. You Can Make the Moments Brighter
  449. You Can Make the Pathway Lighter
  450. You Need a Great Savior to Cheer