Early 20th Century

We have little data on Barnitz. Copyright records indicate he was living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1906 & 1907.

  1. Alone in God Can I Entrust
  2. As I Look Beyond Life’s Ebbing
  3. At One With God
  4. Be Not Afraid, Said Jesus
  5. Christ Came from Glory
  6. Christ Is the Rock of Ages
  7. Christian Fellowship, O How Sweet
  8. Christ’s Love Shines For Me
  9. Come Unto Me, Said Jesus
  10. Go Tell Now the Story
  11. God Has Given Me a Promise
  12. God Is My Lord
  13. Hear the Shepherd Calling
  14. I Rejoice in God My Savior
  15. I Was a Sinner, Far from Grace
  16. I Will Love Jesus, So Pure
  17. Invitation Now Has Come, The
  18. Is Your Life a Written Book?
  19. It Was Good Enough For Jesus
  20. Jesus Sought Me, Loving and Kind
  21. Let Us Tell the World What Jesus
  22. Life’s Choicest Blessings Know
  23. Light the Heart of Youth Is Sailing
  24. Lord, Draw Me Near to Thee
  25. Only a Little Sparrow There
  26. Sinner Poor I Am, A
  27. Seeking the Light, God’s Gift
  28. Speak Now unto Your Brother
  29. Tell Me, Jesus, That You Love Me Dearly
  30. The Sunshine of Life Is Beaming
  31. There Was Joy Among the Angels
  32. There’s a Precious Confession
  33. There’s Love in the Story of Jesus
  34. There’s Peace and Rest in This
  35. Though the Clouds of Life May Gather
  36. ’Tis a Blessing to Live
  37. Walking With Jesus Christ
  38. When All Our Earth’s Trials Are Over
  39. When Life Becomes a Burden
  40. When the Lamb of Glory He Does
  41. When the Shades of Night Are Falling Over
  42. Will You Give Up Mistrusting?
  43. Will You Listen If I Tell?
  44. You Will Find a Friend in Jesus