November 2, 1842, Taunton, Somerset, England.

March 11, 1908, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Somerset, England.

Olinthus was the son of James Barni­cott, a painter, and Heph­zi­bah War­ren, and husband of Mary Eliz­a­beth Ann Sla­ter. He was educated at St John’s College, Cam­bridge (BA & LLB 1882, LLM 1885, LLD 1897), ordained an Ang­li­can deacon in 1886, and ordained a priest at Win­ches­ter in 1887.

Barnicott served as clerk of St. Mark, Wools­ton, Hamp­shire (1886–89); clerk of Holy Trinity, Ryde, Isle of Wight (1890–91); clerk of Eling (1892–95); priest in the diocese of Chi­ches­ter (1897–1902); chaplain to the Cot­tis­more School in Bright­on (1898–1905); clerk of Pres­ton in Bright­aon (1902–05); and rector of Strat­ton-on-the-Fosse (1905–08).

  1. Edgecumbe
  2. Peveril
  3. Taunton
  4. Warenne