May 24, 1836, Deerfield, Massachusetts.

May 19, 1873, Chicago, Illinois.

Kate Cameron.

Maria, known as Kitty, married Dr. Norman S. Barnes in 1856. She wrote many stories, poems, and hymns.

  1. As Pilgrims to Zion, We Journey Along
  2. Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
  3. Blest Gospel Banner, The
  4. Box of Precious Ointment, The
  5. Days Now Gliding o’er Us, The
  6. Good News for Little Children
  7. Hast Thou Found the Goodly Pearl?
  8. Hear the Music of Our Voices
  9. If We Only Sought to Brighten
  10. Jesus Is Our Dearest Friend
  11. Jesus Is Our Morning Star
  12. Jesus Is Our Pilot
  13. Jesus, Lord of Life and Glory, Help Us Now
  14. Let Little Children Come to Me
  15. Little Child Lay Dying as the Sunset Hour, A
  16. Lo the Bridegroom at the Door
  17. Night Will Cast No Shadow, The
  18. O Come to the Good Shepherd
  19. O Eden Land, Thou Land of Bloom
  20. O Lord and Savior of Us All
  21. O We Are All Engaged
  22. O What Beauties Adorn the Bright Sabbath Morn
  23. O When Will Be Ended Our Warfare?
  24. Our Song of Jubilee
  25. Praise the Lord, O Praise Him, Praise Him
  26. Shall We Sing in Heaven?
  27. Storms of Earth Will Vanish, The
  28. Take Thy Cross and Follow Me
  29. There Is a Land of Promise
  30. There Is No Work Too Humble
  31. Thou Art the Bright and Morning Star
  32. Through the World We Daily Roam
  33. To Thee, Dear Savior
  34. Traveler, Whither Art Thou Going?
  35. Way of Life Is Narrow, The
  36. We Are Jesus’ Little Lambs
  37. We Are Marching Onward to Our Home on High
  38. We Children of One Lord and King
  39. We Come with Rejoicing
  40. We Have Gladly Met Together
  41. We Know Not What’s Before Us
  42. We Lay Aside Our Toil and Care
  43. We Shall Meet on the Strand
  44. Whatever Cross the World May Bring
  45. When Our Work Is Ended
  46. When Shall We Stand upon Thy Shore
  47. When the Morning Dawneth
  48. That City
  49. Youthful Pilgrims, Happy Band