January 24, 1842.

Barnes lived in Chicago, Illinois. Little is known of his personal life, except that he had sisters named Lillie and Della. His writing career, dedicated to Christian and temperance subjects, ran from 1865 to 1893. The Newberry Library in Chicago has a collection of his diaries, poetry, music and newspaper clippings.

  1. All That in the Lord Believe
  2. Amid These Cares and Sorrows
  3. Are We Sowing with a Ready Hand?
  4. As Here We Come to Praise and Worship
  5. As I Drift with the Tide
  6. As I Know with Precious Blood
  7. As We Believe in the Gospel Way
  8. As We Walk the Pilgrim’s
  9. At the Fading of the Silent Night
  10. Band of Dear Children, A
  11. Be Earnest, My Brothers
  12. Bear Aloft the Royal Banner
  13. Bells of the Joyous Morn, The
  14. Bless the Lord, My Soul
  15. Brothers in the Gospel Field
  16. Calling, Still Calling, Christ Pleads Above
  17. Christians in the Gospel Field
  18. City of God, with Its River of Life
  19. Day by Day We Journey Here
  20. Day Will Soon Be Past, The
  21. Early Will I Wake, and Heed the Call
  22. Enter His Gates the Gracious Lord to Meet
  23. Eye Hath Not Seen the City of the King
  24. Father in Heaven, Thou Hast Freely Given
  25. Finding in Jesus a Present Help
  26. Follow Jesus, at the Call
  27. For the Blessings That We Share
  28. For the Gospel Word
  29. For the Savior Who Has Ransomed
  30. From God and His Precepts
  31. From the Wilds of Sin
  32. Give Praise to God, Who Rules the Earth and Sky
  33. Gladly Do We Gather
  34. Gospel, the Gospel, The
  35. Gospel Tidings, Glad and Free
  36. Gospel Word, So Freely Given, The
  37. He Pleads That All Who Wander Far
  38. Hear as You Wander Where Many Are Lost
  39. Hear the Children Sing of Our Father’s Care
  40. Hear the Silver Trumpets
  41. Hear the Words of Jesus
  42. Heavenly Mansions Mid Eden Lands
  43. Here as You Journey, and the Days Go By
  44. Here in the House of the Lord
  45. How Many Today Are Rejecting the Lord?
  46. I Am a Youthful Christian
  47. I Believe in Jesus and His Word
  48. I Do Repent of Every Sin
  49. I Have a Friend in Jesus
  50. I Have a Little Garden
  51. I Heard Them Tell of the Savior’s Love
  52. I Know Who Came to Die for Me
  53. I Love to Come to the Sunday School
  54. I Sing at Morning Light
  55. I Was Lost Amid the Gloomy Hedges
  56. I Will Praise the Lord Today
  57. I Will Sing the Love of Jesus
  58. I Will Sing When Morning Cometh
  59. If the Cup of Life That You Hold Today
  60. If You Love, as My Disciples
  61. I’m Watching on the Shore
  62. In Jesus, as the Only Son
  63. In the Gospel’s Sweet Old Story
  64. In the Strife with Sin and Error
  65. In Times of Affliction
  66. It Came to Me from Courts Above
  67. Jesus Is Lifting the Cross He Bore
  68. Jesus Is the Child of Glory
  69. Jesus Left the Realms of Glory
  70. Jesus Loves the Children
  71. Jesus Loves the Little Ones
  72. Jesus Reigns, in All His Glory
  73. Jesus Still Invites You
  74. Just a Little While Shall I Wrestle Here
  75. Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled
  76. Let the Path Be Bright
  77. Let Us Sing the Love of Jesus
  78. Life Is Full of Evil, Brother
  79. Light Is Here, the Blessed Light, The
  80. Light That Is in Jesus
  81. Like the One in Gospel Story
  82. Like the Prodigal of Old
  83. Little Allie
  84. Live to Serve the Master
  85. Living for Jesus, Earnest and Faithful
  86. Living for the Master, Happy in His Service
  87. Lo! A Fountain Stands
  88. Lo from the Throne of His Glory
  89. Lord, Forgive My Sins
  90. Lord Is Good to All His Children, The
  91. Lord Is My Refuge, The
  92. Many Mansions Far Above
  93. Much That Is of Tribulation
  94. My Soul Was Long a Stranger
  95. Night Has Passed Away, The
  96. O Bless the Lord, My Soul
  97. O Let Us Love Our Brothers
  98. O Sing to the Lord a Glad New Song
  99. O the Gospel Word Is a Word of Grace
  100. O the Lord Is Rich in Mercy
  101. O the Robes in Yonder Heaven
  102. O the Wondrous Name in the Gospel Word
  103. O We Love to Work
  104. O’er the Birth of Christ
  105. Oh, There’s a Wondrous Story
  106. On His Throne of Light and Glory
  107. Once Again, Once Again
  108. Once There Wandered o’er the Earth
  109. Onward, Brothers, One and All
  110. Open the Windows of the Soul
  111. Our Advocate Is Jesus
  112. Our Father, in Heaven
  113. Our Mission
  114. Pleasant Are the Pearls of Praise
  115. Praise the Lord for All
  116. Promises of Jesus, The
  117. Rugged Path, A
  118. Sabbath Bells
  119. Sabbath Comes with Holy Light, The
  120. See the Children of Our Care and Love
  121. See the Star in Yonder Heavens
  122. Send the Gospel O’er the Wave
  123. Sharing So Freely the Gifts of the Lord
  124. Shine Forth from Between the Cherubim
  125. Singing of Jesus
  126. Soldiers of Jesus in Battle
  127. Sons of God, as Here You Tarry
  128. Sorrow Here Is Not a Stranger
  129. Sound the Trumpet
  130. Stormy Winds Are Oft Appearing
  131. Sweet Is the Call of the Gospel
  132. Take the Word and Sow It Well
  133. Tent Is Frail That Is My Earthly Home, The
  134. That Home Where Angels Dwell
  135. That Jesus Left His Home Above
  136. There Is a Great Rejoicing
  137. There Is a King of Glory
  138. There Is a Land with Pastures Evergreen
  139. There Is Coming a Day
  140. There Is Great Rejoicing ’Mid the Holy Angels
  141. There Is Joy Among the Angels
  142. They Sing of the Savior Above
  143. Through All the Devious Ways
  144. ’Tis Mine to Walk in the Narrow Way
  145. ’Tis Oft That We Stand at the Couch
  146. To God, in Realms Above, ’Tis Sweet to Pray
  147. To Work for Jesus and His Cause
  148. Today the Lord Is Calling
  149. Trust God as a Child of His Love
  150. Trust in God, My Brother
  151. Vessel Is Out in the Tempest, The
  152. We All Have a Father in Heaven
  153. We Are Wandering Home
  154. We as Children Come to Jesus
  155. We Live to Serve the Master
  156. We Shall See Him in the Better Land
  157. We Will Come as Little Ones
  158. We Work, as Servants of Jesus
  159. We’re a Happy Little Band
  160. What Is Best That We Should Have
  161. What Is Like a Living Germ
  162. When Life Is Full of Toil and Care
  163. When the Harvest Comes
  164. When Thorns, and Not Roses
  165. When Your Heart Is Weary
  166. Who Left His Home in Heaven
  167. With Hearts and with Voices
  168. Within Thy Courts, O Lord
  169. Work, and Let the Master See
  170. Workers in the Gospel Field