March 24, 1754, Redding, Connecticut.

December 26, 1812, near Kraków, Poland, of pneumonia.

Churchyard in Żarnowiec, Poland.


While a college student, Barlow fought in the 1776 Battle of Long Island, New York. He graduated from Yale University in 1778, and was a well known author and politician during and after the American Revolution. U.S. President James Monroe appointed him as American ambassador to France.

Barlow’s publications include Hasty Pudding, Columbia, and the epic poem The Vision of Columbus. In 1785, at the request of the (Congregational) General Association of Connecticut, he corrected and enlarged WattsPsalms of David, supplying those omitted by Watts, and adapting it to American tastes. The work, published in 1786, went through various editions for many years. Its curious title is: Psalms Carefully Suited to the Christian Worship in the United States of America, Being Dr. Watts’ Imitation of the Psalms of David, as Improved by Mr. Barlow.

  1. Along the Banks Where Babel’s Current Flows
  2. Awake, My Soul! to Sound His Praise
  3. Judge Me, O God, and Plead My Cause
  4. Lord, Thou Hast Scourged Our Guilty Land
  5. Our Land, O Lord, with Songs of Praise
  6. In Thee, Great God, with Songs of Praise