Brother of a Baptist minister, Bar­ker emigrated from Eng­land to Ca­na­da in the 1940’s, where he graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music of To­ro­nto.

During World War II, he directed the Gen­er­al Motors Chorus. He also owned stock in the Ham­mond organ company and scrounged Ham­mond tone cabinets from local Ham­mond dealerships, and placed them in the De­troit Ti­gers baseball stadium. About the same time, his name and biography appeared in Who’s Who in the Midwest.

He eventually became an Amer­i­can citizen, and taught piano at the De­troit Institute of Musical Arts, and was active in directing choirs (including one of over 300 members at Central Meth­od­ist Church in Lan­sing, Mi­chi­gan), and had a broadcast of organ classics on WKAR radio out of Mi­chi­gan State University.

  1. Prince of Peace