October 3, 1836, Geneva, Switzerland.


Édouard was the son of Genevan pastor Charles Barde. He began studying theology in Geneva (1856–60), finishing his doctorate in Berlin and Tübingen, Germany, in 1861. He served as a pastor at Vandœuvres, Switzerland (1865–79), then became professor of the New Testament at the School of Theology of the Evangelical Society of Geneva (1880–1904).

At the same time, he was in charge of the Union Nationale Évangélique de Genève and the International Central Committee of Christian Youth Unions (president, 1895–1904). He was a respected leader of the evangelical wing of the Protestant National Church of Geneva at the time of the Liberal crisis. In 1869, making common cause with his friend Frédéric Godet, he gave a reply to the conferences of Ferdinand Buisson on the theme of church-state relations.

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