June 20, 1743, Kibworth Harcourt, Leicestershire, Eng­land.

March 9, 1825, Newington Green, Eng­land.

In the family vault, St. Mary’s Church, Stoke New­ing­ton, Eng­land.

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Anna was the daughter of dissenting minister John Ai­kin, and sister of hymnist John Ai­kin.

In 1753, she became a classics tutor at a dissenting academy in War­ring­ton. During her residence there, she contributed five hymns to Dr. W. En­field’s Hymns for Public Worship (War­ring­ton: 1772). In 1773, these were included in her Poems (Lon­don: J. John­son, 1773). In May 1774, Anna married Rev. Roche­mont Bar­bauld. They moved to New­ing­ton Green in 1802, where she lived the rest of her life.

Barbauld is best known for her poetry, including The Rights of Woman and The Mouse’s Petition.

  1. Again the Lord of Light and Life
  2. Awake, My Soul, Lift Up Thine Eyes
  3. Behold, Where Breathing Love Divine
  4. Come, Said Jesus’ Sacred Voice
  5. God of My Life and Author of My Days
  6. God, Our Kind Master, Merciful as Just
  7. How Blest the Sacred Tie That Binds
  8. How May Earth and Heaven Unite
  9. If Friendless in the Vale of Tears I Stray
  10. Jehovah Reigns, Let Every Nation Hear
  11. Joy to the Followers of the Lord
  12. Lo Where a Crowd of Pilgrims Toil
  13. Our Country Is Immanuel’s Ground
  14. Praise to God, Immortal Praise
    • Lord, Should Rising Whirlwinds Tear
  15. Pure Spirit, O Where Art Thou Now
  16. Salt of the Earth, Ye Virtuous Few
  17. Sleep, Sleep Today, Tormenting Cares
  18. Sweet Is the Scene When Virtue Dies
  19. This Earthly Globe, the Creature of a Day
  20. When as Returns the Solemn Day
  21. When Life as Opening Buds Is Sweet